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‘Seether’ Veruca Salt VS ‘Remedy’ Seether

Apparently Remedy by Seether 2009 is five times more popular than Veruca Salt “Seether”, 52m plays to 9m plays.I never heard it before just now.I bought by wife a dress from J.Foss in Palo Alto with a bunch of cd … Continue reading

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Greenberry RFB

I was grooving on the track #8 and probably single four or five from the multi-platinum Green Day break-thru “Dookie” from 1994 or so, “She”: She, she screams in silence. As I whistle it, hack that I am, it sounds … Continue reading

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The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten songs, by Greil Marcus and Mark Weiss, or Grweisl Markus

Call me pathetic call me what you will just don’t call me late to Cibo: “America has become amnesiac,” says Henry Giroux, “a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only willfully practiced but celebrated.” … Continue reading

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Really young band video shoot at Lytton Plaza

I watched nearly two sets by a very young band Thursday evening at Lytton Plaza. The event started around 6 and probably didn’t load out until 8 or 9. The band was a trio: vocalist, guitarist, hand-drummer. There were at … Continue reading

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Thrilling Kansas victory bodes well for teen music and art initiative

With Kansas trailing Purdue early in the second half, and the dog curiously obsessed with the taste of her own front paws, our neighbor Marjorie Ford, wearing a furry cap she bought recently in Budapest came by to ask us … Continue reading

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