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Pluck out every brick and Stone

If he is currently employed by PAUSD, shouldn’t he recuse? Greer is not employed by PAUSD and if he was he’d employ the  same high ethical standards he did when he recused himself for the tenant relocation matter when it … Continue reading

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After 28 years of being their fan, I realize I’ll never be as cool as Superchunk

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There’s a movie about Pavement tonite at The Roxie I will not likely go because it’s sold out, plus I’m old and slow, and because I have tickets to a hockey game tomorrow VS random screen freeze of San Jose singer Jessica Johnson video in Island paradise – -and she sang ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at a Sharks game I and I attended recently

But more to the point: in the Superchunk movie “Take the Tube” they ask Mac what his favorite new band is, and he says “Pavement” but he says it with three syllables, like the word “vehement” — he breathes the … Continue reading

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3M VS 31 M’s

3M, also known as Minnesota Mining, is an 89 billion dollar corporate conglomerate. The “31 M’s” are the bands booked by Eric Dimenstein and Jim Romeo’s Ground Control Touring of Los Angeles and Brooklyn (but apparently not Chapel Hill or … Continue reading

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Merge at 30

Merge at 30 is a party for the record label located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina or Carrboro, July 24-27, 2019. That implies the label was founded in 1989. I first heard about Merge or attended a Superchunk event at … Continue reading

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Two chords and the truth

  Beto O’Rouke clip from 1994 — that’s the year I started producing concerts, with Mudwimin and Oxbow — and the year Nirvana broke — with a future member of At The Drive In and Mars Volta — supposedly pissing … Continue reading

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Dynamo v Hyper enough

Dynamo is a soccer team that is from Kiev Ukraine but played yesterday in Amsterdam Nethlands Ajax where coinkydinky my brother in law and his lovely bride our on holiday. I am watching the 60min highlight version of that UEFA … Continue reading

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For attention Laura balance shout out super chunk basis mainly because because and we ate at Saint Michael’s Alley last night where a friend of hers once shift ‘For Tension’ Laura Ballance shout out Super chunk bassist mainly because ‘because’ and we ate at St. Michael‘s Alley last night where a friend of hers once chef’d

I have to admit that in Detroit has a skyline to I may be confusing it with another song without couplet is actually the weather is good here too – why am I telling you

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Hey, San Francisco dick building, Detroit has a skyline too!!

bluf: all things are connected, salesforce tower and proposed -and-passed New Guild Theatre in Menlo Park. Thosed who don’t know what’s passed are condemned to read staff report, so to speak. I’m not the only one. It looks tiny from … Continue reading

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I lost or traded in or sold the car with the combination Superchunk David Gilhooly mash up bumper sticker but now have a magic silver box thru which I pretend I can see and hear Superchunk more recently than Bottom of Hill with baby in arms

new video by one of my favorite bands, called Chuck then Chunk then Superchunk edit to add: 1. It was  post called “Das Sticker” from February, 2011 that is to say seven years ago: David Gilhooly Smith-Andersen bumper sticker circa 1985 … Continue reading

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