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Carrie Brownstein ‘Hung.. …’ fits

  Fits her, rocker funny tv lady mensch Carrie Brownstein NPR Potlandis Evergreen college Sleater-Kinney— I’ve seen the signs — calls her memoir “Hung.. …”. River head books NYC 2015.   Im just kidding, dig me. Hunger makes me a … Continue reading

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The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten songs, by Greil Marcus and Mark Weiss, or Grweisl Markus

Call me pathetic call me what you will just don’t call me late to Cibo: “America has become amnesiac,” says Henry Giroux, “a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only willfully practiced but celebrated.” … Continue reading

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Take me, “Portlandia”

I saw Sleater-Kinney three times. Sold out show Friday in SF. I didn’t realize I even get channel 503 IFC — yeah! I’m only a year or so behind the times! Photo of Carrie Brownstein at NPR showcase, at SXSW … Continue reading

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