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‘Mr. Mastodon Farm’ w. ‘Guitar’: birds fall w. if i throw my guitar

windows 1,418.0* Birds fall from the window ledge above mine Then they flap their wings at the last second w. this is deep hamlet-type stuffing: If I threw my guitar Out the window, so far down Would I start to … Continue reading

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I am writing something in reaction to Bob Leftsetz, Van Dyke Parks and David Carr

i am writing something about bob lefsetz, van dyke parks and david carr but so far, 266 words in I am mainly cutting and pasting. And not reading the source material much either. And in exactly 13 minutes we are either driving to the City at 3:30 or taking the 6 p.m. Caltrain to see the 7:15 Giants game, Vogelsong v. Stroberg of the Matt’s Nats. Continue reading

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My sloppy notes on Cake on KQED, verbatim and unedited

We don’t have in our music the equilvalent of deforesatatoin. Turn the amp to 11 is not subversive, its what Exxon is doing. I grew up in bekrely and had to move to sac as a tennagaer and hated it … Continue reading

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Hebrew version of Cake “I bombed Korea”

those people didn’t even know us, red flowers bursting like an egg on an improvised frying pan (IFP) down below us Continue reading

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Cake in the 408 or in 5 easy pieces

if you want to have cities you have to build roads Continue reading

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