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There’s a movie about Pavement tonite at The Roxie I will not likely go because it’s sold out, plus I’m old and slow, and because I have tickets to a hockey game tomorrow VS random screen freeze of San Jose singer Jessica Johnson video in Island paradise – -and she sang ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at a Sharks game I and I attended recently

But more to the point: in the Superchunk movie “Take the Tube” they ask Mac what his favorite new band is, and he says “Pavement” but he says it with three syllables, like the word “vehement” — he breathes the … Continue reading

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Two Terman aces pass in the lobby

Sara Choy and her mom entered the building the same time as I did last night. “Hi,” I said, “Are you going to Gunn now?” No, Sacred Heart, the 15-year-old replied. “What?” I responded in mock incredulity. “Barrie Bulmore. Stephanie … Continue reading

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I am writing something in reaction to Bob Leftsetz, Van Dyke Parks and David Carr

i am writing something about bob lefsetz, van dyke parks and david carr but so far, 266 words in I am mainly cutting and pasting. And not reading the source material much either. And in exactly 13 minutes we are either driving to the City at 3:30 or taking the 6 p.m. Caltrain to see the 7:15 Giants game, Vogelsong v. Stroberg of the Matt’s Nats. Continue reading

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