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On June 29, 2020 just before midnight and before walking the dog, I discover Avenue Beat

Riyl Molly tuttle, Aj and Sully, Jenny Tolman, the Donnas bw and now Duffy really really needs to go outside fuck leashes 2020 low key what’s the tea

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Lefsetz say Luke song of year

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I am writing something in reaction to Bob Leftsetz, Van Dyke Parks and David Carr

i am writing something about bob lefsetz, van dyke parks and david carr but so far, 266 words in I am mainly cutting and pasting. And not reading the source material much either. And in exactly 13 minutes we are either driving to the City at 3:30 or taking the 6 p.m. Caltrain to see the 7:15 Giants game, Vogelsong v. Stroberg of the Matt’s Nats. Continue reading

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Lefsetz on Westergren

I’ve been a hater on Pandora since day one. I was psyched to see that industry gadfly Bob Lefsetz didn’t mince words on this topic: This is why the music industry hates technologists. Self-satisfied pricks like Tim Westergren who believe … Continue reading

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