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Russell Wilson poised to pass John Brodie on all-time annals

Brodie 31,548 after 201 games, age 38, for the 49ers of my childhood, before Joe Reed, Steve Spurrier, Steve DeBerg, Joe Montana, Steve Young. Russell Wilson for Seattle Seahawks is about 320 short of that, for 45th all time, but … Continue reading

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‘Brave Dragons’ VS ‘Dragon Hoops’

AKA YARDLEY V YANG One guy is a MacFound Genius Grant laureate who wrote a graphic novel 2020 bleeds black and gold of Bishop O’Dowd, the other was a Page Pirate and Gunn Titan, won a Pulitzer has a book … Continue reading

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Porteus in the Times VS Yardley of The Times

Matt Porteus the scientist and Jim Yardley the journalist were classmates for one year, 1981, at Henry M. Gunn high school in Palo Alto, California. I don’t know how well they knew each other. Greg Zlotnick might be the only … Continue reading

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Je suis Jim Yardley

I doubt we ran Jim Yardley’s first byline above the fold page one of the Oracle, at Henry M. Gunn High of Palo Alto — something about middle class students using public transportation to school, spring 1981 — but his … Continue reading

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Future history of modern cities slash Palo Alto

http://www.amazon.com/History-Future-Cities-Daniel-Brook/dp/0393078124 If I run for Palo Alto City Council in fall, 2014 I will likely either read above or at least read Jonathan Yardley’s review of such, and drop the name of the book during any public fora about development … Continue reading

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The New York Times has been charging me $15 per month since April yet I actually have not been on their site for about six months. I thought of calling the 800 number on my credit card bill to ask … Continue reading

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Yardley’s ‘Brave Dragons’ hits the mark

CHINA CAGERS BOOK A ‘SWISH’ BUT NOT ‘SWISHY’ From Carolina Blue to ‘His ass is blue’ in reporter’s hoops odyssey http://www.amazon.com/Brave-Dragons-Basketball-American-Cultures/dp/0307473368/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1363914129&sr=1-2&keywords=brave+dragons Jim Yardley’s “Brave Dragons” can be read two ways, at least; one, as a basketball book that takes place … Continue reading

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From VTA to Vatican for former Gunn High journalist

Jim Yardley reports in The New York Times today from Vatican City on the surprise choice of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis. In 1981 I edited his first byline, an article about Gunn High students who took what is now … Continue reading

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Song of the day: Kimchi Line by Bho Bhoman

god is a christgau fan, satan likes USA Today on a tuesday Continue reading

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Sweet smell of spilled coffee (from Iraq)

Pre-empting the other fifty things I was either going to do or write about potentially doing this fine spring morning, I am pitching my old pal Jim Yardley the Pulitzer laureate about writing something about Global Heritage Fund in Palo … Continue reading

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