Je suis Jim Yardley

Go , jim

Go , jim

I doubt we ran Jim Yardley’s first byline above the fold page one of the Oracle, at Henry M. Gunn High of Palo Alto — something about middle class students using public transportation to school, spring 1981 — but his latest, in Sunday’s The New York Times, co-authored with Callimachi Rukmini, about the timeline leading to the Paris Charlie Hebdo attacks, takes the bulk, I count 83 percent, of that sacred hallowed space.

edit to add:
I finally got the 30 minutes required to set down and read Jim’s report. One of the threads I want to follow up on is the guy from New Mexico working for the other side. I also read the bulk of Adam Gopnik’s account in The New Yorker. Here is link to The Times.

I am not buying that the attack on the kosher market is connected to the attack on the newspaper. Also, is the newspaper pronounced “Heeb” as in slang term or derogatory for “Jew” or “Hebrew” or “heb” rhymes with “web”? I get the Charlie Brown part. Gopnik says the name is part of a change necessitated by the forced shutdown of a previous publication. Also, I am thinking of the display recently at Stanford of vintage French political cartoons, walked thru quickly. Also, I posted earlier, borrowed or sweded in from Annette Gordon-Reed on Hemmings, Thomas Jefferson as a game-cock, similar concept. Gopnick had something about the blasphemy or liberal of depicting French royalty as a pear, and the defense was reportedly “but his head is pear-shaped?!”

Anyways, good luck Jim with your reporting. And your welcome, in terms of all the editorial guidance and encouragement I gave you. Also, your book was on end-cap or display, multiple copies, at new Mitchell Center library here:

And this is probably too big a leap – and I really should read further on this Charlie Hebdo and French dissent per se — but I added two stickers to the back of my 2012 Chevy Cruze: one, a tooth by sticker artist Mia and another by someone I met a whiles ago named Dog Byte, who has shown in galleries but the nature of his work requires him to keep his actual identity a secret. Which reminds, a further distance from Hebdo or Yardley that the Miles Davis stencil on Cali Ave has been painted over; well, the entire building save the wall with three murals has been disappeared, and making way — hey, great save, for Boulangerie the pseudo French bakery. Voila! If not Zola! But, yeah, we got a Zola here, overpriced. Snobby. Rude. Grill Yum! Not! (Am I the first person to sneak a restaurant review into a coverage of this tragedy?)

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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