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The Times says these three people are not people but CGI, AI androids or what nots

I don’t know if I violate copyright by freeze framing or capturing these human type faces in the times story about AI — Havent’ read the small print. Reminds me of Philik K Dick or movies thereof. Reminds me of … Continue reading

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Below the fold (thank G#^)

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David Foster Wallace on Roger Federer: nearly 14 years ago

Annealed knees  

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DiSuvero and Noguchi in The Times today by Kimmelman and Weisz

I met my wife when we were both interested enough in Palo Alto’s Percent for Art program that we both toured Bruce Beasley’s Oakland studio apropos of his sculpture at Mitchell Park Library and Community Center. So therefore I notice … Continue reading

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Bong’s ‘The Host’ featuring Jerry Stiller

Yesterday I read the Times’ preview of the TNT pilot of an adaptation of another Bong movie, “Snowpiercer” and commented that current Hollywood should do a remake of “The Host” as a comedy, with Jerry Stiller as the creature. (I … Continue reading

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Thumbs up for Nina Katchadourian and her 24,000 imitators

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Dead musician guy my age, in the Times VS selfie reference shot after Weekly photo session yesterday with Sam Dallas

 I know that I felt younger than this guy looks

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With ‘A’, ‘I’ Nazi’s two points from final victory

inching towards ‘N’ and ‘Z’ in Orwellian Vanna White Supremecy surge Face scan app inches toward the end of privacy; using 3 million photos to identify anyone by K Hill  P1   The New York Times Sunday, January 19, 2020

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While I am happy to see a female dancer reviewed in the New York Times it is a little sad that it gets small play compared to a fashion model for a major brand

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Fuct in fact not effected

The Courts have indeed approved as a trademark the name of the clothing manufacturer (started by a conceptual artist) with the naughty-sounding name Fuct. I reported earlier that the courts were going to hinder. I fuct up. More annoying to … Continue reading

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