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Fuct in fact not effected

The Courts have indeed approved as a trademark the name of the clothing manufacturer (started by a conceptual artist) with the naughty-sounding name Fuct. I reported earlier that the courts were going to hinder. I fuct up. More annoying to … Continue reading

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A short memoir about Louise Erdrich (occassioned by The New York Times Book Review section, interview with author and memoirist Laurie Halse Anderson)

BLUF: Six minutes into the Glenn Close Jon Pryce thingy about a fake Philip Roth and I sort of want to switch to the Fred Rogers doc while I make a pork stir fry for my wifey; the jumping (not … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas’ reckless disregard for intelligence

Thanks to the Sullivan decision, it is indeed hard for public figures to win libel suits. They have to prove that something false was said about them, that it harmed their reputation and that the writer acted with “actual malice.” … Continue reading

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Bob Cousy v Hamidou Diallo

  And this one, maybe I printed it previously is related to an even earlier six or eight part drawing of Boston Celtics Bob Cousy, him demonstrating the novel dribbling technique. Diallo plays for Oklahoma Thunder and won the All … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Green Empire State Building hoax v University of Farmington fake University sting

was this perpretated by the same people from Gonzaga Prep of D.C. who in 1969 turned Washington Monument purple?

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Go, Sandy! Go, Sandy! (Maureen Dowd on the AOC)

This makes me want to send her money more to come +TK Edit to add: but can she do the hora?

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Baby’s on fire!

Today is my 20,000th day on earth celebration — i’m actually from the Sun. I’m going to go to gym, then walk the dog, then go catch the very first showing of the long awaited “Aquaman” starring my favorite of … Continue reading

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