Porteus in the Times VS Yardley of The Times


Matt Porteus the scientist and Jim Yardley the journalist were classmates for one year, 1981, at Henry M. Gunn high school in Palo Alto, California. I don’t know how well they knew each other. Greg Zlotnick might be the only person who knows cumulatively them better than I.  Them better than I do.

McAdoo. Speaking of which Bob McAdoo the famous basketball player who also had a nephew who played for Dartmouth or Stanford I think, I met Lincoln Minor the former Kansas Jayhawk Champion and spoke to Kent Lockhart’s mother and asked various other Kansas people if they knew that Danny Manning went to Page of Greensboro where Jim Yardley went. And I like “Page Pirate”  as a play on Internet search redirect.


Lincoln minor 1988 Big 8 Champion And nice library lady Leanne At the old Pro Sunday


If former secretary of state Condoleeza rice wants to blend in with the crowd, Maybe she should sit somewhere other than the end of the team bench

When I knew Yardley he had plenty of hair —think this was Brooklyn – but clean-shaven:

Edit to add, although this is where this started:
Hey you guys,
Although this thread usually is restricted to information and chatter about football — like the evolution of QB from Joe Montana to Steve Young to Vince Young to Lamar Jackson, or our Fantasy Football league logistics from Xeroxing to Faxing to all-online AI algorithmicly enhanced mid season drafting — I want to alert you all to something in today’s Times about CRSPR technology and our former Gunn classmate, teammate and X-GFL player Dr. Matt Porteus — and in fact last time I saw him was at a small 49ers tailgate party at The Stick with Bub — an update of a story I circulated here about Matt’s jeremiad against foreign Frankenstein-esque scientists in his fields. In sum, Matt — to my lay understanding — via his lab believes he is making progress towards using stem cells to prevent sickle cell anemia and NOT create packs of little Lamar Jacksons who can also play Pachebel’s canon and predict the probability of primes along the Zeta landscape.

Ken Jeung might be good to play the rogue scientist in the made for the web version of this saga; he actually is from Jim Yardley’s home town and school, too. (And Bob McAdoo is from a rival school, tho a few years ahead of us…the year Jim was in Palo Alto he called me the next year to say UNC had a great freshman named Michael Jordan — we also went to the East-West Shrine game at Stanford stadium to see Famous Amos Lawrence). I’m serious — Jeung has a medical degree from Duke. Seriously, Jim’s literary agent should get on the horn with Porteus and Jeung. I’ll waiver away my role, other than the fact you read it here first.

If you guys let me back into the league parentheses I helped found parentheses I will hopefully remember to rename my team Pack of Little Lamar Jacksons Who Also Play Pachelbel’s Canon And Predict Probability of Primes Along Zeta-Landscape. (PLLJPPCAPRPPAZLs or “Poll-Perps”)…
Bring it.
PS and why isn’t there an award for best new team names?

I’m perfectly serious if I did not actually circulate previously the thing about Matt in the times that if you search his name and that of the corrupt Chinese scientist you will find that thing

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