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Earthwise announces 2nd ‘Cutting Contest for Candidates’

In 2018, Earthwise ranked the Palo Alto City Council candidates based on a music contest: Rebecca Eisenberg tied for first; Greer Stone, tied for first; Stephen Lee, third; Cari Templeton, fourth; Burt, Kou, Tanaka, Lauing tied for eighth. (Of those … Continue reading

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Pluck out every brick and Stone

If he is currently employed by PAUSD, shouldn’t he recuse? Greer is not employed by PAUSD and if he was he’d employ the  same high ethical standards he did when he recused himself for the tenant relocation matter when it … Continue reading

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Let’s add 101 acres of parks to our inventory at Fry’s, Cubberley and Castilleja, now to be known as ’FCC’

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My platform for 2020, although I’m definitely not running

So to tie together a couple loose threads on the internet here at PAW, we have 35 acres at Cubberley, 39 acres special zone and Casti, which someone, apples to oranges, defines as a CUP on 51 R-1 single house … Continue reading

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Earthwise songwriter showcase Saturday at The Cub to feature Austin and Oakland artists

One of these days, I’m going to sit right down and update this with links and bios and all that, but what got me buzzing this morning as I was rising and thinking ahead to my day and the life … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Rock a a to z z

Z And I thought about meeting Paul de Barros a Cubberley grad and long time jazz writer for the Seattle daily news or one of the two at Zotts A couple years ago; his mother had died he came to … Continue reading

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I would have had to have started with Sermon on The Mount to have produced as many shows to date, as Earthwise, as Live Nation does in one year

  Me: 300 concerts in 25 years Them: 30,000 concerts each year Earthwise Posters set and checklist (1993-2001) (Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto is or was a concert and artist management company founded by Mark Weiss that produced more than … Continue reading

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Return of the Cub

I produced 150 rock and jazz concerts at Cubberley in the 1990s, and I’m working on another one, after 15 year hiatus, for this fall. I also am the exact age where a lot of my friends attended Cubberley the … Continue reading

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A butterfly affect

I’m a gonna speak to City Council in about 30 minutes, after 14 or so speakers, about butterflies literally and metaphorically. Eleanor Laney, Palo Alto Garden Club, was tabling at California Avenue farmers’ market Sunday about monarch butterflies and planting … Continue reading

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Hey, girl, I guess I’m a housewife

At 3:26: this pertains to a private or business correspondence between myself and certain industry professionals. also, at Earth day 1993 by bay Area Action, and produced by Jason Coltun before he joing Red Light, Michelle Shocked played this song … Continue reading

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