Rm 222 (KFlay v. KVal)

This is the two-hundred-twenty-second post of mine on wordpress under the moniker “Plastic Alto”.

I am with Toure of the Times in that I think K.Flay could eat Kreayshawn’s lunch (but would not eat her East Bay under-educated, under-seasoned, how does that Creole Rapper I mean Zydeco Squeeze-Boxer, say it, “pussiere”?)

“Room 222” was a network tv show back in the day, in my youth, about high school. Kinda like “Welcome Back, Kotter”? I don’t recall.

Room 100 is British slang for bathroom. Like the word “loo”. I have a post about Kent Lockhart and how they should rename various parts of Stockton Park or Seale Park for him. See “The Lockhart Loo”.

The Donnas’ Moms and Dads turned out Cubberley as a music venue, and then they posed for a major indie magazine spread in the Cubberley bathrooms, although they stopped playing Cubberley once they got to 924 Gilman, despite my entreaties. I also lobbied for them to be included in The Fillmore Sessions, and got BGP Management intrigued enough in their story that someone there interceded to get Allison Robertson’s guitar worked on by Carlos Santana’s shop in time for her to go back out on the road, to Europe, if memory serves.

Two days ago at Lytton Plaza I jammed with a dude named Mike who said he went to Cubberley. (Mike the drummer, who paints nudes onto the side of his conga).

I don’t think Cubberley had a Rm 222 — I think it had a different system.

I never watched Beverley Hills 90210 although I know that Blind Boys of Alabama once played there; if I cared more I would make a list of ten fictitious high schools.

Oh, King Dork!!! (A combination of Hillsboro High and Mills High — I will edit to add).

I just wanted to do something with the 222. I can factor it pretty simply: 2 x 3 x 37.

I am filing this under “math” and “media”.

This is actually indebted to Dr. Brian E. Moore of Springfield, Illinois, who is indebted to Aiden Vizari of the Chron, but “I am with Toure of the Times in that I think K.Flay could eat Kreayshawn’s lunch (but not her East Bay under-educated how does that Creole Rapper I mean Zydeco squeeze-boxer, say it, “pussiere”); to wit

end quote, or air quote and snaps. ”

p.s. i am leaving this with labels “math” and “media” because I read somewhere that KFlay got a 750 on her math SATs, and maybe studied at Stanford with Paul J. Cohen.

edit to add, 30 seconds later: if L7 means “square” but is also a groundbreaking chick band, then maybe “Rm 222” could be something derogatory or inflagrating that one chick rapper could throw at another as an insult or challenge, like that is so juvenile and under-evolved. But I would like to see KFlay if she is reading this, maybe she could remix Rosie Ledet and dedicate it to Kreayshawn:

Here is the Times joint, from 12/23, it’s like so six days ago, and the dude says KFlay is better than Kreayshawn. Word. Coinkydinky I am wearing a Dessa shirt today. I think I met Dessa from Doomtree or at least took a cellphone photo of her, along with Ted Leo, at Macalester College in St. Paul, I was walking from a screening of Coen Brother’s “A Serious Man” to the old school bowling alley (pictured on my Plastic Alto nameplate) in fall, 2009 for my cousin’s bar mitzvah; his band at the time was called Souldiers, although I suggested changing it to Mouldiers, for Bob Mould, who I have never met, unless it was one of those nameless quick exchanges at The Stud. He might have been the guy who whispered to me “Hold my pickle, hold my lettuce, special orders don’t upset us. My safe word is “Macalester College.” Which was most people’s safe school. But not KFlay. She got in.

I am generally not this “with it” and generally not as happening as that fall day in St. Paul. Just lucky sometimes.

Rm 222.

edit to add, like two minutes later, although Frida the Cockerspaniel is still moaning that she wants her morning walk:

wiki says “pousiere” means “dust” or “speck” — I guess I have a dirty mind to think it has something to do with girl pleasure, the Rosie Ledet song. In this case it calls to mind Bill Rose’s doc “This Dust of Words” about Stanford grad Elizabeth Wiltsee, her prof Felstiner and mental illness. I would like to see KFlay remix that(Rosie, not Wiltsee), maybe with help from MC Lars, who played with Allison Robertson or was that just Brett Anderson, going back to the Donnas. I would venture that KFlay is as brilliant as Wiltsee; we hope she sticks around longer.

I guess you could read this as “rim 222” as in rim shot, when I drummer highlights a bad joke. Rm 222. Bob Mould would probably call this “rim 222.”

edit to add, about a minute after that, it is now 9:40 Thursday morning, only like 7 hours till 4:20 but for me 9:40 means I am jonesing for Coupa or Philz: KFlay already did do a version of Elizabeth Wiltsee story, about two years ago, in her send-up of Cee Lo and dem, “Crazy” (and by the way, just having seen “Kung Fu Panda” on cable, I like the origi of “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Franklin way better than the Cee Lo):

this also reminds me that my DF correspondent Guillermo Gomez Abascal tells me that there was a Mexican rock band, femme fronted, called Tabasco but were forced to change their name by the corporate thugs at McIlhenny, which is enough to make me, like Papa Mali, switch to Louisiana Red Dot. And that also makes me want to shout to Arienne Landry of Just For You in SF Dogpatch who I put briefly two days ago during the rush on the cell with Ann Allen Savoy in Lafayette, Louisiana in the 337, talk about flavor!!!!

edit to add: K.Flay will appear at Treasure Island festival Oct. 13, 2012. Also, it turns out that Bob Mould actually did attend Macalester College although I’ve never met him nor actually seen him play. But I would say despite my nutty professions here, I mean him no disrespect and would say I am a fan. What would a K.Flay/ Bob Mould joint be? The only connection being the people who manage Bob also co-produce Treasure Island. Think about it, guys. Oddly, as I backtracked to re-title this (from “Rm 222” to “Rm 222 (KFlay v. KVal)”, I realized that I am now up to 444 posts, so this is halfway there.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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8 Responses to Rm 222 (KFlay v. KVal)

  1. I’ll order a K. Flay Fillet with Freedom Fries, please.

    • markweiss86 says:

      dude she’d carve you up like a bad plastic surgeon with a dragon tattoo, using a plastic butter knife. she baaad woman, she. which reminds me of the time that art 21 cancelled a show I had scheduled with the Butchies and I had to drive to Sf to tell them that and pay them a kill fee and I was afraid their singer would kick my ass then when I got there I realized she was only about 120 pounds and not fierce, just formidable on stage. I did bring the Butchies to Zebra Copy once…

  2. markweiss86 says:

    this is really an edit to add, but i am at the apple store on uni ave where i got this lead from kflay’s feed, and it links to my post about Alex Carbonel of St. Mary’s; it’s Pacquiou training film, the boxer, set to music by Cat Power, Chan (“shawn”) Marshall, and reminds me that I took (or I drove and she took the train up from 650) Rachel Metz in 1998 at Bottom of the Hill when Rachel,who worked for Earthwise as campus rep, was still in high school, but was over 18 — my friend, only:

  3. markweiss86 says:

    maybe KFlay can mix or mash with Jerry Goldsmith recorder-based theme for 1969 television show featuring Karen Valentine of Sebastopol, 707:

  4. Mark Weiss says:

    wiki says bob mould actually attended macalester college.

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