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The Mendoza Line and taxing the payrolls here

I posted something to Steve Levy’s column today, about San Francisco payroll tax: As of 2012, San Francisco had a 1.5 percent payroll tax, that brought in $400 M to city coffers. What would you estimate, Dr. Levy, the hypothetical … Continue reading

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I’ll trade you a 1960 Minnie Minoso for a hair cut

this is from the Times obit: Minnie Minoso has been one of my all-time favorite players for close to 40 years. I never saw him in his prime, but I collected his cards in their prime. I sometimes think about … Continue reading

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Mad Bum is 16th baseballer as SI Sportsman of the Year

Terry sent me to CVS for batteries and I could not resist SI with Mad Bum on the cover, Sportsman of the Year. The first was Roger Bannsiter (track) but I was surprised that there were so many, 16. Johnny … Continue reading

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My precious Stargell and frank funk

We used to ride our bicycles the mile or so from our neighborhood to the five and dime in Saratoga Village, to pay 10 cents for Topps 1972 baseball cards — ten cards and a stick of not very tasty … Continue reading

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