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My mother is a fish, but Cousins is not a monkey

This bit, a new prologue three weeks later, is lifted from the wikipedia entry on David Shields’ “Reality Hunger” my manifesto: Shields also discusses, at length, the distinction between memoir and fiction–a distinction that, Shields argues, is mostly imaginary. Because … Continue reading

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Harvey got Milk? w. Tamika chock full

Yes, to answer my previous question, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada (north of U.S., north of us) did morph the “got milk” campaign created by Goodby Silverstein and Partners or Goodby Berlin and Silverstein circa 1990 with Harvey Milk … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Minnie Minosos (53 Topps, 54 Redman)

I had forgotten, but, besides the doubles of 1960 Topps Minnie Minoso that I am fixing to trade Gerardo for a haircut (or two?), as I inspect my manifest of the 76 cards I had in that binder, there were … Continue reading

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