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Mindy Rosenfeld Hedges at The Varsity, 2019

Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra performed an oratorio by Handel of Judas McCabee which I missed, but in my own great miracle happened here file, I met Michael Hedges’ widow Mindy Rosenfeld Hedges at The Varsity yesterday. The Varsity is what we … Continue reading

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Unfamiliar grounds

Don’t get me wrong,I am so excited about the private opening today at HANAhaus at the beloved and historic Varsity Theater, 456 University Avenue, even if I put about 500 hours into trying to wrest the lease from Chop Keenan … Continue reading

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HANAhaus in da house

The SAP Labs HANAhaus cafe and Blue Bottle coffee at 456 University, The Varsity, that Chop Keenan assured me, as Gennady notes, would “rock” opens next week, Tuesday March 17, 2015 and so we can give it until Labor Day … Continue reading

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‘McDonalds Fast Food Soul’ destination at Edgewood Plaza, and I’ll waive my finders fee

I’m lovin’ it, bringing a McDonalds lab to Edgewood Plaza, where Fresh Market is slip sliding away. The New York Times had a big story Sunday about McDonalds re-tooling itself under the leadership of a youngish, hippish Brit named Easterbrook. … Continue reading

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Tana, Franks and McCain confirmed for Palo Alto jazz panel

And then, neutralizing gravity with love and pure will, they remained suspended in air inches below the ceiling and they kissed each other for a long, long timeK.V. Three jazz musicians with local ties headline a panel discussion for the … Continue reading

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Jazz time travels or jazzscribe contrafacts: from full faith and credit to fregulia and back

The Geography of Hep, Palo Alto’s influence on Jazz, via music education, guest concerts(Monk, Steve Lacy) and our all too rare gifts to jazz world in terms of artists like Stanley Jordan and executives like Danny Scher, Jason Olaine, plus Herb Wong, James Benham, Ted Gioia, plus Akira Tana, venues like The Bandbox and The Varsity, and all that jazz Continue reading

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Plastissimo Alto: or, don’t walk away from the arts, Palo Alto

sid meet bethany. bethay meet sid, and sara and karen and jeanne and enrique and ms. rose if not the Roses per se Continue reading

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Stanley Jordan appearing this week at The Varsity I mean Yoshi’s SF

i am tempted to get to SF to check in with Stanley Jordan to see if he will come to Palo Alto and do a benefit show for the people who are trying to get the lease on The Varsity. Stanley played Cubberley in 2001, and if memory serves did a benefit at Gunn High, his alma mater in about 1987 or so. Continue reading

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Mark Weiss blog posts re The Varsity Theatre

I’ve indexed here the nine or so posts regarding The Varsity here. There are also numerous posts to Palo Alto Weekly site, and a couple related contributions to Patch Palo Alto Continue reading

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Scuba checks in with “Fall OF not OFF The Bike Palo Alto”

scuba meets blink meets bike meets varsity theatre my obsession Continue reading

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