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‘McDonalds Fast Food Soul’ destination at Edgewood Plaza, and I’ll waive my finders fee

I’m lovin’ it, bringing a McDonalds lab to Edgewood Plaza, where Fresh Market is slip sliding away. The New York Times had a big story Sunday about McDonalds re-tooling itself under the leadership of a youngish, hippish Brit named Easterbrook. … Continue reading

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Detroit has a skyline too: my photos of or with 3 local developers

It was no architect designed this view He could not have known about you Mousy homes, catacombs Detroit has a skyline too Detroit has a skyline too Doesn’t really fit here, but this is a music blog first and foremost. … Continue reading

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IMHO, or I am Ho

I M H O stands for “in my humble opinion” I read into the record John Paul Hanna’s letter to staff about the proposed demolition and rebuild of 429 University. My point was that if you are a $500/hr attorney … Continue reading

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Britt of 534 Ramona (from series of casual portraits of people I meet oftentimes)

Years ago, before I moved back to Palo Alto from San Francisco I worked in ad agencies as a freelance copywriter and also had some of my own small clients. In that spirit I toured the then-new store on Ramona … Continue reading

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