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ConnectMenlo is OurPaloAlto is Soylent Green is People?

I noticed that there is a meeting tonight at Belle Haven center in nearby Menlo Park, an outreach to an effort to update the Menlo Park Comp Plan or General Plan, called ConnectMenlo, and posted to inMenlo the question on … Continue reading

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Unfamiliar grounds

Don’t get me wrong,I am so excited about the private opening today at HANAhaus at the beloved and historic Varsity Theater, 456 University Avenue, even if I put about 500 hours into trying to wrest the lease from Chop Keenan … Continue reading

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‘McDonalds Fast Food Soul’ destination at Edgewood Plaza, and I’ll waive my finders fee

I’m lovin’ it, bringing a McDonalds lab to Edgewood Plaza, where Fresh Market is slip sliding away. The New York Times had a big story Sunday about McDonalds re-tooling itself under the leadership of a youngish, hippish Brit named Easterbrook. … Continue reading

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