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Their music lives on, and my versions of their stories

Veronica DeJesus recently created a series of portraits, of musicians who I knew from my work as Earthwise Productions, which started in 1994 and continues, although my last concert was March 13 2020, having, like virtually everyone and everything on … Continue reading

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Meta-post on top 12 most popular ‘Plastic Alto’ posts by topic

Here are the top 12 posts on “Plastic Alto”so far this year; put the name in search bar to find actual link. 1. Bjong Wolf Yeigh (candidate for Dartmouth presidency) 2. Lockhart Loo (Kent Lockhart, Australian basketball coach, and an … Continue reading

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Earthwise showcase at Bottom of the Hill

what i liked about this showcase is that almost every artist was showcasing new material or new projects even, like a laboratory of new music, the Earthwise 15th anniversary party at Bottom of the Hill in SF, in January 2009, photos by Michelle Budziak Continue reading

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Lisa Fay Beatty (1964-2011)

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Miles Davis in plastic salad heaven huis clos

miles davis perhaps as deep background for bill murray in lost in translation trades a ink drawing for a plate of plastic salad, and never addresses directly or by second person his japanese host, on tv in 1985, but i think they are in heaven perhaps, or another world Continue reading

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My weekend with Nina Simone; by Lisa Fay Beatty, as told to Paul Motian, Mia Zapata and Charging Elk (in heaven)

out of the tree of life I think i picked strange fruit. passing strange fruit. passing strange angels. thank you kim chun of the chronicle for mentioning my passing in 72 Hours, on Thursday, December 8, 2011. I was born in 1964 and died in a motorcycle accident in San Bernadino County on November 25, 2011. I was 47 – Lisa Fay Beatty Continue reading

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Plastissimo Alto: or, don’t walk away from the arts, Palo Alto

sid meet bethany. bethay meet sid, and sara and karen and jeanne and enrique and ms. rose if not the Roses per se Continue reading

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Queen at Winterland

who can forget those trippy teenage freakouts, in the city, with older freakier people, escaping fro m our parents for a few hours, until they pick us up. Continue reading

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