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This is America/Mohegan, by Beto and Donald

Amy is watching Last of the Mohicans in the other room with the kids. We started it last night after Ulysses’ basketball game. Pizza, carrots, Mohicans and then early to bed. This morning, before everyone got up, I went on … Continue reading

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Two chords and the truth

  Beto O’Rouke clip from 1994 — that’s the year I started producing concerts, with Mudwimin and Oxbow — and the year Nirvana broke — with a future member of At The Drive In and Mars Volta — supposedly pissing … Continue reading

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Ali on the Seth

I like when Seth Meyers calls Ted Cruz a big toe. That makes Beto O’Rorke my pinky. And: other Ali I should rename this “Ali, Ali, Apple”:

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Our Cali torque for Tejas and the republic

Rachel and Julie work it, to the left In a related matter I hear there’s a big Ruthie Foster show on sale in Austin. Well, I’m not sure of ruthies politics but to me it would bring a heap of … Continue reading

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Beto O’Roarke is endork

Beto O’Roarke is endorsed by two women I admire alot, Laura Thomas and Rachel Garlin so he must be a fine fellow. Laura was out in the Bay Area recently to see the U2 concert at the hockey arena here … Continue reading

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