3M VS 31 M’s

3M, also known as Minnesota Mining, is an 89 billion dollar corporate conglomerate.
The “31 M’s” are the bands booked by Eric Dimenstein and Jim Romeo’s Ground Control Touring of Los Angeles and Brooklyn (but apparently not Chapel Hill or Carrboro) that start with the letter “M”.

The first band I tracked, and booked and at times sort of stalked is Superchunk, whose leader has a name with, yep, two more M’s.

I met Jim Romeo in New York when he worked with Bob Lawton. They called it Twin Towers — this was before the destruction of the World Trade Center. i think they were a part of ICM, a big corporate conglomerate — compared to being “boutique”. I think at one point briefly they were called “Four Three Two One”. Maybe it was Dimenstein who suggested the name change.

Anyhow, the bands that comprise the 31 M’s of Ground Control are:

M. Ward
Mac McCaughan
The Make-Up
Malcolm Middleton

There are at least three theories on the etymology of the name. One is that the name Dumfries originates from the Scottish Gaelic name Dùn Phris which means “Fort of the Thicket” Another is that it comes from a Brittonic cognate of the alleged Gaelic derivation (Welsh Din Prys). Dumfries may be the same place as Penprys, which is mentioned in an awdl by Taliesin, and suggests that the first element may have originally been pen, “summit, head” (Welsh pen). According to a third theory, the name is a corruption of two Old English or Old Norse words which mean “the Friars’ Hill”; those who favour this idea allege the formation of a religious house near the head of what is now the Friars’ Vennel.If the name were English or Norse, however, the expected form would have the elements in reversed orientation (compare Clarendon). A Celtic derivation is therefore preferred. Moreover, the Brittonic element drum, meaning “ridge”, and the Gaelic elements druim, which means the same, and dronn-, “a hump”, have all been suggested as an explanation of the first element.

Marching Church
Maria Taylor
Marika Hackman
Marisa Anderson
Martin Frawley
Mary Lattimore
Mary Timony Plays Helium
Mdou Moctar
Mega Bog
The Messthetics
Midori Takada 高田みどり
Modern Nature
Molly Burch
Monsters of Folk
Mount Eerie
The Music Tapes – I think this one actually played one of my shows, at The Cub. Maybe with Olivia Tremor Control.
It would take me the greater part of a day (or part of a great day) to try to listen to all the bands here that I might like, or want to book some day, or go see.

Dial M for music!

I wonder how many of the Ground Control bands that start with M are from Minnesota? Once Lane Wurster, Chris Eselgroth and myself were walking back to their office after lunch in Carrboro North Carolia,and Lane and Chris chuckled at the site in the window of a toy store or antique store a board game called Husker Du and when I asked what was so funny, they didn’t bother to explain to me. Which would be called “band-splain”.

Who books Bob Mould?

Maybe an alternate title for this essay could have been:
Arab Strap VS Scotch Tape

and1: I’m going to a Niners game Thursday night — only an exhibition — and it reminds me that when I worked at Green Apple books there was a guy named Alan Black from Glasgow and he liked soccer not American gridiron and I took him to the 49ers heyday against the Los Angeles Rams their enemy and rival and Alan said he thought LA might win and everyone laughed at him and sure enough Alan had predicted an upset and guessed right but he wouldn’t take my $20 because we had “disgraced the bet”. I actually parked briefly in front of Green Apple Books just today and snapped a photo of a man my age in striped pants reading from a book from the bargain bin with his legs crossed but standing while a young woman is walking up Clement, meaning north, passed the entrance to the store, while reading from her small screen. Maybe when my phone has more juice I will move that image from there to hereabouts. Foolish. (I wonder if Ground Control has ever booked a small or quiet act into Green Apple Books – they do events there sometimes).

There’s also a new band with Ground Control called Purple Pilgrims but that’s a horse of a different color:

The first part:
Mac’s vocals sound like Fred Schneider:

Mac would “be fifty two” if he was born in 1967.

andandand: I’d like to start a project called Highlands and Islands, especially if Bob Mould would produce our record and was booked by Frank Riley. It’s 1:41 an M.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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