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We are the world

Gertrude Stein said I write for myself and strangers. As I sit the world around me is increasing, approaching 9 billion souls and bodies. I am actually South County today, so we are more like 2 million not the 60,000 … Continue reading

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John Zorn ‘Naked City’ vs Or Bareket ‘Sahar’

  This is from 1993 and featured John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Joey Baron, Wayne Horvitz; I had never seen it until 10 minutes ago; I admit I had it confused with “Spy VS Spy” which I borrowed from the library … Continue reading

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Plastic saxophone at Perry Lane

He had hi-fi speakers up on the roof of the house and suddenly out here in God’s great green mountain ozone erupts a manic spade blowing on a plastic saxophone, namely an Ornette Coleman record. It’s a slightly weird path … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Plastic Alto: Ornette Coleman, 1930-2015

(When City of Palo Alto and Stanford University in 2006 combined to create the two-field soccer complex, the Mayfield Site, at corner of Page Mill Road and El Camino, I remember tripping on –figuratively — the little rubber pebbles that … Continue reading

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Vintage Rebecca Erickson clarinet photo

Hard to explain for first-time readers how we get from Dartmouth 86-shirt to Korean-Swedish clarinet klezmer, but here is Rebecca Erickson from a few years back (rumor has it she works in social services and haunts the Walker — if … Continue reading

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Ornette LOL tribute

Ornette Coleman’s website includes a cool feature. I would describe it as an electronic xylophone, or a MIDI idiophone that lets you sound from a selection of samples by clicking on about 60 little buttons, multicolored keys. The sounds are … Continue reading

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Grafton versus Selmer

For a guy who names his blog “Plastic Alto” it is amazing how long it has taken me to get the name straight, Grafton as in “skin graft”. Ornette switched to Selmer after that, which has white enamel. Dig?

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