Earthwise Monthly Totals January thru October

BLUF: I’m on pace in 2021 for 400 posts on Plastic Alto and 32 shows, my all time record, at Earthwise Productions. 

Trying to recall
Trying to

I have 3,159 published articles on Plastic Alto, a wordpress format. On the internet. Despite hating the internet. I know, cognitive dissonance. Some of those posts have just a headline, like 10 words. Some have 10,00o words, like the treatise on the history of jazz in palo alto, which i admit, is experiental and repeats sections, like in a music compostion.

Today I am merely totally the number of posts each month this year. Then adding one photo per month. Like the Jimmy Buffet song about taking a week off to try to recall the whole year.

I have four or five shows left this year. I  might break my career best which is 32. In about 1999. I’m somewhere around 20. The four shows left are Mary Gauthier at Mitch Bowl, a week from today October 17 at 2 p.m. Also the day before with David Boyce Philip Greenlief Tenor Sax duo, at Lytton Plaza, unless the cops are there with guns drawn in which case we will use the overhang from the shuttered Stanford Theatre, or somewhere else on Uni. At 3 pm. With Jonathan Lagunte Bautista doing a quick preceding segment on alto, at 2:45, but not sitting in. Actually, the Mary Gauthier (“go shay”) has Jaimee Harris either sitting in or preceding or both. And also Sylvie Simmons will introduce Mary and Jaimee and do one or two or at most three songs on uke.  And I will do next to nothing, say closer to 10 words and not 10,000. There might also be a doctor or two or at most three from Stanford checking our temperatures no that’s a joke; there will likely be a doctor who signs, stay tuned. And stay masked and vaxxed. Sings not signs. And then, if I can extend this graph Sylvie Simmons comes back three weeks later, to perform and host and help curate A Leonard Cohen Tribute. Which will go on sale tomorrow or later today. With or more acts added. And then entonces after than November 12 Thursday hit there is eight nights later, eight crazy nights no doubt, a Friday, November 20 concert featuring Barbara Manning, a fav. Barbara Manning and the SF Seals played the Cub on May 5, 1995, google says 9,655 days ago. She is playing head of three-act bill with The Corner Laughers featuring one of my favorite people what is her name its early on a Sunday and i am kind of peot beet like the poets beat the like poets Karla Kane. Our first work together after a pretty long courtin’ period. She and her hubby I think his name is Koi. And maybe baby, too. The perscussionist. (Who I saw doing some Bonzo Bonham licks a whiles back at Palo Alto World Music Day which I call Palo Alto World(wide) Music Day or Make Music Palo Alto or Fete De La Musique but is not world music even if you have a 4-y0 half-Vietnamese percussionist. Anyhoo I digress. Twenty-twenty one. Almost done. And about 100 days before my berfday. Fiddyeight. Okay, where is the spirit line of this parenthetical riff?)

Tommy Foley, former Gunn wrestler and track star, and Dar’s nephew, busking at bagel stop

Then I am likely not doing any live shows until my birthday weekend of January 28, 2022 wherein I am doing three shows on consecutive nights with Caroline Davis a reeds player and her quartet which is latin cognate for three others like maybe a bass, a piano and maybe guitar or horn. A residency. Which is a first for Earthwise. In 2020, before the troubles, I had Patty Barber doing home and away, Earthwise Palo Alto and also Earthwise Occidental up near Marin or Sonoma, but not as far as Sea Ranch Sonoma Medicino line Gualala. Earthwise is both adapted to its niche and creepy. In the sense of a vine extending along side our home, but also sinosphere or whatever that Laura Veirs song I was tripping on a whiles back which was just in the New York Times the creature not the Laura Viers song or my 10 or more tributes to it. But my wife, Terry Acebo Davis likes to throw away all my clippings. I can update with the tame of the tubular thingy. Tommy Jordan one of my favorite musicians and believe you me worth falling into a fountain over, just sent me a picture of his father coincidentally also named Tom and I wrote back “Chico and the Man”.

So I mean to update this

oh I also wrote to Matt Merewitz apropos of Charles Rumback, Caroline Davis, Mary Gauthier, Jeff Gauthier a list of 216 artists I’ve worked with including 10 who are his current clients, he has about 60. Maybe he will help get the word out about my three big shows with Caroline Davis, despite his being thousands of miles away, I don’t even know where, Philly or New York I think

Terry Acebo Davis Bernardus Carmel Valley

to put up some photos likely more than 10, closer to 20 that sum up the old year whole year rather synecdoche or whatever and a few ringers or red herrings, mostly things I’ve show and not just ripped. I admit that out of the 42,336 photos on my phone there are 10 or so that are porn, I’m only human. My wife has about that many that she sneaks of me, like on the john. Again, only Holman. K? C? (that’s a jokey reference to Karen Holman thought I am not sure whey I thought of her in reference to toilets or porn…I also have a lovely portrait of Margo Davis shot in front of Bell’s Books recently, but I keep looking for it to no avail. Here in Plasty, which is a Ornette Coleman reference

I also have 3,568 videos mostly of my dog and then of music.

In February we snuck away to Sea Ranch near the Sonoma – Mendocino border, where we also, on a previous trip, saw a house concert featuring Chronos Quartet


February: 17 posts

Terry modified Alice Neal

Kind of a random place for this but when Quarantunes came out — the music service produced by local preppy students, I bookmarked some images of Julia Rose Segal of Palo Alto who is now a Stanford ’25 and was profiled in the Stanford Daily. Her song “Maybe Its A Sign” reminds me of Laura Nyro at the same age, Swing Out Sister and “Both Sides Now“. And she’s certainly more Olivia Rodrigo than Doja Cat, despite being the latter’s coreligionist, we infer. NJGat she is. 

Jazz singer we met at the new courtyard bar in Menlo Park, the Oak Room I think, is his name Nate Pruitt of Primary Colors?


March: 10 posts

April: 22 posts

May: 26 posts

Steve Cohen is in Vegas this week and had Maria K the biggest bluffer at his table — he’s a dealer but to Duffy his like a second daddy. Steve and Eric passed a lot of the pandemic on campus, where they were born and therefore here in downtown north with Terry and I.

June: 27 posts


My $1,000 European glasses and detail of a $500,000 Lobdell I think we were at Cantor.

July: 30 posts

This museum guard said she wants to be an artist, but did not respond to my invitation to create content for Plastic Alto

August: 33 posts


My sound vendor Andy and I went to the Giants and were standing only, while Fannie Mae here was dance the night away

September: 41 posts

A lot of my photos are reacting to other media, very post modern, yes?


October (first 10 days): 13 posts

Beautiful European woman and friend of Axon Orkestra on Ramona last Friday, an encore from the Mayor’s Together Again Palo Alto tapas series produced by Earthwise


edit to add: a partial score from Fantasy Football the GFL, Gunn Football League formerly Gunnational Football League a tribute to Gnational Football League which I saw as a pun or coined term on “national” but I may not have noted “gnat” as in “small”:

DuffyDogs 5, GoldBlooded 8 and I forget if my oponent is my Gunn and Dartmouth classmate and 9th grade hoops teammate Gregory Sterling Nerland Esq or his spawn who looks, acts and goes to the hole in hoops like Lynn Tracy, my Dartmouth classmate. GoldBlooded which I think is a Warriors reference versus Maple Laners which is beyond me, formerly Jack Russell Terriors. Davante “Da Bag of Nuts” Adams of Barron School but Paly not Gunn so far is 1 point 4 targets 2 rec 51 yards if you believe what you read on the internet.


Terry and I took Aleta and Fanny to the Gregory Porter show
, You’ve come a long way, baby

edit to add:

I’m sure she’d rather have fans her own age but I’ve been tracking the underground Palo Alto music scene, including CoHo and current undergraduates for many years, so I look forward to discovering Julie Rose Segal ’25 — reminds me of Vienna Teng who was also known as Cynthia Shih at Stanford. There’s some women from Palo Alto making waves in music like Remi Wolf and Molly Tuttle, 23 and 26. There’s a great grad student just arrived from LSU called Taylor Goss, plus Frost is bringing amazing music, which is inspirational. The first rock star from Palo Alto was Grace Slick, maybe JRS will be the next. (post to Stanford Daily)


What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow

Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man,

You cannot say, or guess, for you know only

A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,

And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,

And the dry stone no sound of water. Only

There is shadow under this red rock,

(Come in under the shadow of this red rock),

And I will show you something different from either

Your shadow at morning striding behind you

Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;

I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

andandand: a reality check is that I keep nodding off at 10:13 on a Sunday night between couting the number of posts in February and updating the post…

I am at 257 posts and about 60,000 visitors this year.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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