Gratuitos and random Cody Sanderson shout

Cody Sanderson proposed monument over entrance to Palo Alto's Mitchell Center

Cody Sanderson proposed monument over entrance to Palo Alto’s Mitchell Center

I been workin’ today from Palo Alto’s Mitchell Center Library, near Mitchell Park, the new building, the one with the Bruce Beasley granite arch marking the automobile entrance.

I hereby declare that we raise a few extra bucks and replaced the granite monument with a giant silver span created by Santa Fe artist Cody Sanderson. See above (although above the piece is about 5 3/4 inches long and I am suggesting something close to 50 feet across that you can drive under).

Cody also has a boy who was in the Joel and Ethan Coen movie the remake of True Grit, he was a Native lad who was accused of mis-handling a mule and was consequently treated even ruffed-like my not Matt Damon but Jeff Bridges I think it was.

I met Cody back in my Santa Fe days, and also: Mateo Romero, Pat Pruitt, Melissa Talachy, Jody Naranjo, Jonathan Batkin, Diego Romero, Ryan Singer, people like that. I once offered or nearly promised Bill Hearne to fly him out here in a giant balloon to do some shows (I presented or Earthwise presented Bill and Bonnie Hearne in Santa Clara, at Cafe T or Cafe Trompe L’Oleil, circa 1998).

Yikes, I bet myself I could take five days away from the blog and “Platos Republic” but after two hours here at library I got restless and made this post, this one and the one about the developer with the firm handshake. I have wasted 20 minutes here. You, too, back to work!!!

edit to add, now that I am 30 minutes not 20 minutes awol from my tasks and takes I re-read Manoghla Dargis in The Times about “True Grit” and was duly impressed again. He quotes Coen “A Serious Man” the proverb about receiving with simplicity what you are offered. Also, I like to point out that Mattie the kid is the one with True Grit beyond the obvious John Wayne or Jeff Bridges icon manly man figure.

I also found this clip of my poster from the era about Bill and Bonnie Hearne.

i doubt there are many people who wear a cody sanderson cuff and booked a bill hearne show but who knows?

i doubt there are many people who wear a cody sanderson cuff and booked a bill hearne show but who knows?

This is also a perfectly swell place to declare that although this building is now called Mitchell Park Library more properly and simply it should be Mitchell Center, or Mitchell Center Library and Mitchell Center Library and Mitchell Center Park. We shall see. I will have satisfaction for my money as Ms. Hattie says. Also, Kudos and thanks to Becky Morgan and her family, lead donors on the library although it is a wee bit crass the name in such large letters “a gift in honor of Becky Morgan”) I hope that is temporal like, like all things. But in this case more so. I tend to think the Morgans (and their neighbors),and the Grove’s are classy in the way they support things without being showy. 35 minutes

If you got 3 minutes to spare, check out this film a nice lady made on tour in Cody’s studio, especially the thing at the end about “injun-uity” and his being able to solve a Rubik in 2 minutes and design an all-silver device based on such:

also not that i have to splain any of this but in deference to my grippa and Affordable Care Act I spent $45 which they took up front and met a new doctor Dr. Julia Fong (from Lowell High, UC Berkley and St.Louis medical school which put their arch in my head and later I guess this. She said she’s been to Chi-town but did not notice the bean or Cloud Gate). You see all this makes perfect logic in real world not just Plastic Alto.

for reference sake here is St. Louis Arch which reminds of the wedding of my cousin Jenny Moats in St. Louis Marriott the one with baseball theme we could see it form the ball room banquet room probably the last family trip my Momma will get to take:

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