I have been floated to this thought this hour

Norman Pearl photo of Ronald Reagan in San Mateo, 1966, courtesy of San Mateo Historical and Pearl

Norman Pearl photo of Ronald Reagan in San Mateo, 1966, courtesy of San Mateo Historical and Pearl

1. I spent two minutes trying to hear a recording made at a show I produced in 1999 at the Cub, over the ambient music and noise in 2014 a Sunday at Coupa in Palo Alto, and I caught a bit of the lyric “I have been floated to this thought this hour”.

2. I am schlepping “Tiger Tracks 77” my 7th grade yearbook and exchanged 12 hours ago six texts with one of my classmates, who I said looks like Lauren Bacall (I was standing in lobby of Stanford Theatre at the time)

3. Sally Hemmings, by Annette Gordon Reed which I am suggesting will be an oratorio featuring Jeff Parker music.

4. A funky looking something something –even if one-third of her story checks out — a guitar player for Aaron Neville and Bear clan, in front of Ah-Cah-Sigh or whatnot, I was gonna try the oat mush again but could not wait out the cold.
4.a sweded in 52 minutes later: the Mayor-elect of Palo Alto should be at the Stanford Bowl game, in the suites, in Santa Clara, on Dec. 30, y’all. (her story does not check)

5. Lady at Coupa says I got a free drink after spending $150 with them — new definition of free.

6. Harry Hillman file, I am guessing 200 items will update to add literally.

7. Parker from 3 above played with Joey DeFrancesco at Yoshi’s or SF Jazz and I think cafe Stritch in San Jo either tonight — i will def go — or last night, typical. That i miss it.

8. Mayor Nancy put me on your list to buy tickets to Stanford Bowl game and I will donate a matching amount to PIE or Rec Found.

9. Mayor Elect Karen am I still on your call list or meet list?

10. PAW I am reacting: “The Industry Tripes Back” or more plainly “Palo Alto For War” in that the pro-growth group is in essence an attack on the middle class and poor and on Democratic values.

11. Rolling Stone Magazine, I bought, and should be the basis of a brief item or post: Stevie Nicks? Leonard Cohen? Inside the Koch Brothers toxic empire?

12. Koch’s float my mind to Dupont, and two threads: one, and this may be unfair and unwise: The Jah-Catcher. Two, that Chris Horpel the Gunn uber-coach also trained with DuPont and the Schultzes at FoxCatcher.

13. At Norman Pearl event at San Mateo History Museum the former courthouse, I saw Dartmouthian Ted Everett there and want to invite him to the PAHA jazz soiree I am producing and moderating lwatcdr Sunday, January 25 at Lucie Stern. Also I noted new plaques for Jim Harbaugh and Jim Loscutoff but there say “Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame”? Huh, they are Paly guys, not San Mateo! We need to start an ad hoc North Santa Clara County Sports Hall of Fame to ad hoc their ad hoc block. Palo Club, hellooo?

14. I am repeating the line that my Dartmouth chum the former NSA lawyer Jack Martin chuckled that I said I have posted 500,000 words to a blog with no readers!

15. Nia Taylor a commish here, and not co-opted by industry as far as I can tell, I mentioned to wanting to form a Palo Alto Black History Museum.

16. Like Charlie Rose, I should mean the whole week: I like the scoop about Pete Broberg the Rangers pitcher also held Dr. J to 11 points in hoops. Broberg, if I review my notes, also mentioned Ed Lucas and Karl Hendrikcs I think — with the cubs, speaking of Cub Sessions — former Dartmouth hurler. I want to rig an ad hoc list to rank the Brobergs father and son as top 6 in their respective sports and a rare double: I asked Pete if he is in Top 6 all time Dartmouth hurlers (with Mike Remlinger, Jim Beattie and those two) and then is your dad in top 6 for hoops: well, he was All America three straight years, so yes!!!

17. mine the week not mean the week, freakin auto-spell trolls!

18. I am finally wearing my Keith Haring red tee shirt from DeYoung.

19. Coupa meanwhile is regulating access to internet to manipulate people into leaving faster, not sure what to think. Back up data.

20. Eighteen hundred photos in my phone i could upload to this coo-hickey and edit.

21. Jonesing for high school hoops, and how is Gunn doing? Not averaging 70.

22. Are the warriors still on a run?

23. I missed Spoon last night at Not So Silent Night.

24. Will Svoboda of Stnaford sports info guest me to Bowl if Nancy does not help?

25. Will Steve Almond read my blog, for money?

26. What else to say about Cheryl Strayed?

27. Not one of my seed will sit on the sidewalk and beg your bread….

28. What about rent control?

29. I met two Paly kids who rocked my world, Darren Cook an sculptor and artist potentially bound for Santa Fe — I promised to hook him up with Bruce Beasley here and Mateo Romero in Santa Fe — his dad is in Lyin’ Eyes cover band, and Ms. Price tutoring him on art history despite being a class below. Then I met the Roskophs on the next table, and we schemed of development for Avenidas, he is on board, new my parents, plus Ben Junta!

30. R_ B_ guitar player, for Aaron Neville. (null set)

31. Don’t stand pat, but don’t burr as in too cold, on a sunny day. Going forward, but not for war.

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player, and blogger; he also sang in local choir, fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32 Reads 'Howl' and owns a couple musical instruments he cannot play
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