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TAD or Davis

i just had a flashback to summer, 1977 and I played tennis every day and used a Davis racket and to determine serve: it showed either “TAD” or “Davis” on its handle depending, like a coin flip, how it landed … Continue reading

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Two Terman aces pass in the lobby

Sara Choy and her mom entered the building the same time as I did last night. “Hi,” I said, “Are you going to Gunn now?” No, Sacred Heart, the 15-year-old replied. “What?” I responded in mock incredulity. “Barrie Bulmore. Stephanie … Continue reading

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Chip Hoopers top 100

I only recently checked out the Billboard Power 100 top people in the music biz and found that I think I have heard of 29 of them. Cannot say I have relationship with any of them but I want to … Continue reading

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