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Church service at City Hall on May 22, 2021 in possible violation of the First Amendment ‘No Establishment’ clause aka ‘separation of church and state’

I only have about 10 minutes this week to articulate what was bothering me so on Saturday (May 22, 2021) about a church service being held at City Hall. Here is the sign that was posted. Is this a permit? … Continue reading

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Pop Smoke shot by shot

I counted 140 shots in the three minute video for “Dior” by the late rapper superstar meteoric success story or cautionary tale, Pop Smoke. This song was the first song I added to my Apple stream — I pay $10 … Continue reading

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The Looters, 2020; or, using Terman to sort racists, proposed

  I woke today (Wednesday, named for Odin a Norse God) reaching first mentally then physically for my Bevington, the Complete Works of Shakespeare, specifically honing in on “The Merchant of Venice” and that line. What is it:If you prick … Continue reading

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Avenge Hana Morita

Hana Morita Is a community member, artist and activist who is Heritage is Okinawa. She is part of a collective of 20 or so like minded people whose comment on Black Lives Matter were briefly displayed on the 200 block … Continue reading

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Young & Restless Black Lives Matter

  (I was kidding but it’s actually true: But another big reason Y&R was beloved in my family was its black characters, who flourished in the 80s and 90s: They began as background figures, but slowly evolved into pillars of … Continue reading

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Bruce Springsteen ‘American Skin (41 Shots)’

Jake Clemons nephew of the Big Man: song about Amadou Diallo (who, sadly I confused with Abner Louima who was brutalized but not killed by police)     bw Big ups to Sean Wilentz in Rolling Stone RS 1341 on … Continue reading

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Keith Boykin coverage of Black Lives Matter in NYC

 Keith Boykin has posted numerous short videos taken with his cell phone camera of Black Lives Matter protest activity in New York City near where he lives, his exact neighborhood. Dartmouth alumni magazine circulated today an essay Keith wrote about … Continue reading

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Robertson, Basirico, Carpio work in progress, Palo Alto, June, 2020

Black Lives Matter mural, artists at work, a week ago:

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As with The Hand in the Glove, Stout makes a play for social justice, this time confronting segregation. Unsurprisingly, the scenes with the Black waiters at the Spa haven’t aged well. However, even after all these years, one point of … Continue reading

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Something deeper than these changes, that frightened me (James Baldwin, 1962, Mark Stewart, 2005)

This gallery contains 22 photos.

cue the Stew aka the booya BASS:

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