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:30 of Nicole Mitchell 2017/2020 ‘earthSeed: phallus and chalice’ with Lisa Harris of Houston based on Octavia Butler VS 3 random screen captures of ‘Waiting For Godot’ with Burgess Meredith and Zero Mostel

Lisa E. Harris vocals theremin electronics composer Nicole M Mitchell flute electronics composer Julian Otis vocals ZARA ZAHARIEVA Violin Ben lumbar gay trumpet electronics Tomeka Reid cello Avreeayl Ra percussion Krista Franklin Art Wheatgodess creations publishing administration studio enertia media … Continue reading

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Mark B Weisses, 650 w 312

If you don’t like me you can find another Mark B Weiss in Chicago where I was born.Edit to add Chicago is sometimes called city of big shoulders perhaps because of this poem by Carl Sandburg Actually this is spurred … Continue reading

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My friend Anna Fermin of Trigger Gospel and Chicago, with super-short hair

b/w I am fantasizing about producing an session called “Pritzker Does Jagger” especially Let it Bleed and Sticky Fingers, moves like a stud kind of thing. Anybody?

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Eero w Mies

and1: My parents and my sister lived there before we moved to Bennett and 92nd in Chicago:

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It was 70 years ago today

1948 Les Brown opens new student union, University of Chicago

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She calls herself ‘noname’ AND talks of self in third person??

    blacked with I know that’s bad I usually say backed with or bw a man who needs no introduction, I edited his early stories and assigned them, my roommate for one night, sworn to protect our Constitution, when … Continue reading

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Noname TDC is brilliant revelation (from a couple years back) oh yeah that and Allison Miller Trio tonite earlier tonite in Palo Alto

This gallery contains 2 photos.

  I wrote a fan letter to her Pm just based on yesterday Colbert thing, which I saw just now tomorrow ie 1:39 am trying to chill after the show (and Tacolicius– I over-ate). Allison with Ben and Kirk really … Continue reading

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Cloud gates between 2009 and 2018 and 2009

Hello, Dao. I am still in Chicago and leave for airport at 6 a.m. for 8:30 a.m. flight. I am meeting my former high school basketball coach directly from airport to help him plan his 400th victory party (representing his … Continue reading

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Jack Walrath w. AppleJack Walroth

Jack Walrath, my former client, is a jazz trumpeter from Montana who went to Berklee and played with Mingus and lives in New York. Applejack Walroth is a bluesman from Chicago who played with Boz Scaggs at the 2009 Hardly … Continue reading

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Mark B. Weiss the millionaire developer

I am not Mark B. Weiss the millionaire developer. I spoke to Mark B. Weiss the millionaire developer, and author while on tour, in Chicago. He happened to have a shingle hanging around the corner from my appointment, with a … Continue reading

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