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A schoolmate at Gunn High of Palo Alto writes in today’s Sunday Times of being homeless two years

  bw A set of portraits of friends, strangers and people I met:       I interrupt my own broadcast to note that that’s Dave Feldman, Paly 1983, on tv talking about today’s NFL scores. If I was briefly … Continue reading

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Dan Hicks, ‘I Scare Myself’ w. Terry Allen, ‘Shaking Man’

Dan Hicks wrote and recorded a song “I Scare Myself”. Terry Allen, a visual artist and musician, has a statue at Yerba Buena Gardens in SF, depicting a man whose hands shake so much that in this dimension it looks … Continue reading

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Pat Monahan rocks Shoreline Friday, photo by Eric Cohen of The Dancing Twins

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Aquinas Church on Waverley, in movies and in Weiss campaign

One of my happier mornings campaigning for Palo Alto City Council, or half hours even, was standing outside of Terry’s congregation on Waverley greeting people as they made their was to an early Sunday Mass. I was holding a sign, … Continue reading

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Eric Cohen walking canvas

Eric Cohen is a Los Angeles-based member of the Screen Actors Guild, who you can spot in numerous films. although you kinda have to look for him. He and his twin brother Steven sometimes appeared in my concert series at … Continue reading

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Flying Cohen Brothers star in new LIARS video by Jordan Ellis

As an inside joke I am going to Swede this video without botching it up.  

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Anna Fermin in Los Angeles

The Cohen Brothers and I caught Anna Fermin at Genghis Cohen’s in Los Angeles this summer. It was part of Anna’s West Coast debut, venturing this way from Chicago, as my family did in 1968 (Anna was on tour; we … Continue reading

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