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AFI, ‘Girl’s Not Grey’ circa 2000 VS Natalie Wood, ‘Sun is Gray’

  I happen to TCM movie called Penelope because it had Natalie wood and it turns out she may or may not have sung a song called the sun is gray in the movies someone somewhere said it was cut … Continue reading

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I would have had to have started with Sermon on The Mount to have produced as many shows to date, as Earthwise, as Live Nation does in one year

  Me: 300 concerts in 25 years Them: 30,000 concerts each year Earthwise Posters set and checklist (1993-2001) (Earthwise Productions of Palo Alto is or was a concert and artist management company founded by Mark Weiss that produced more than … Continue reading

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Dude in Pet Store 510 Saw AFI 18 Times

The Jonathan — met at PetCo Albany Saturday, February 9, 2019 -loves his dogs, and the hampsters, and his lady-friend (not pictured, but has the same first name as Billie Joe Armstrong’s spouse) bw GREEN JUMPSUIT PERCUSSION MARTIAL ARTS DANCER … Continue reading

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Davey Havok at the Cub, July, 1996

edit to add: I name-checked AFI in 2012, during my campaign, because the PAW had an item about Tim Gray’s and my campaigns, as “Rage against the machine” – I was quoted as saying Palo Alto has a Chicago-style machine, … Continue reading

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Most people if they follow sports would say Pele is the best all time. I am talking soccer. I met a man from Cape Verde, a singer, who co-wrote one of the most famous songs of his genre — he … Continue reading

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