:30 of Nicole Mitchell 2017/2020 ‘earthSeed: phallus and chalice’ with Lisa Harris of Houston based on Octavia Butler VS 3 random screen captures of ‘Waiting For Godot’ with Burgess Meredith and Zero Mostel


Lisa E. Harris vocals theremin electronics composer
Nicole M Mitchell flute electronics composer
Julian Otis vocals
Ben lumbar gay trumpet electronics
Tomeka Reid cello
Avreeayl Ra percussion
Krista Franklin Art
Wheatgodess creations publishing administration studio enertia media
6/22/07 Chicago
Bob Weston master by

Bw randomly selected collage art by Ms Franklin:


7. a note sent to Matt Merewitz, Nicole’s publicist, and Nicole herself, at her University of Pittsburgh office email address, announcing that I posted this much;

8. My wife is watching Barbara Streisand and Omar Shariff as Fanny Brice in “Funny Lady” with music by Jule Styne and my neighbor’s teenage son and a friend are making noise but not yet destructive non-neighborly acts of aggression outside the window and over the fence, and I am reading the first 70 or so parts of David Shields’ “Reality Hunger” and I am wondering to what extent “Funny Lady” influences “EarthSeed” or is it preposterous to try to compare the works and the workers – and I captured a wee bit of it on TV – -BS preggers — seems thematic — but then, reading about Nicole, I jump to some official website hoping to determine by Survey Monkey type survey the 35 biggest jazz moments in Chicago history — though Nicole Mitchell and this piece is arguably also L.A. and Pittsburgh and Houston — and here is what my two clicks worth yields:
1915: The word “jazz” first printed in the Chicago Tribune to describe a musical form: 1943: Muddy Waters moved to Chicago; 1980: The Chicago-based Blues Brothers film released 1990: Tortoise formed 1994: Wilco Formed Which sort of relates in that Tortoise is a project featuring Jeff Parker who is a peer and collaborator of Mitchell, but of course I missed AACM and a couple others, like Sun Ra. Sun Ra would seem an influence on anything afro-futurist.
And it was Sun Ra’s birthday last week.

9. I noticed that Megan Thee Stallion is on the cover of Marie Claire. Again, it depends on how much Lisa Harris, or Li Harris or Lisa E. Harris is a true partner relative to the more advanced Mitchell;

10. I do recall and was just REMing thru it, Nicole by GR in the Times from about 2 years ago. There is something, an image, in the Lynda Barry sense, of Nicole roller skating on campus and getting noticed by a professor who tells her to come join the jazz band, did I make that up?

11. I’m Looking for a contemporaneous review of Nicole Mitchell EarthSeed from when it debuted at Chicago Art Institute or Art Institute of Chicago.

12. Riane Eisler, “Chalice and the Blade”, 1988, I saw somewhere cited by NM:

Now tweets about leadership modes

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