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Jack Walrath w. AppleJack Walroth

Jack Walrath, my former client, is a jazz trumpeter from Montana who went to Berklee and played with Mingus and lives in New York. Applejack Walroth is a bluesman from Chicago who played with Boz Scaggs at the 2009 Hardly … Continue reading

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Mark B. Weiss the millionaire developer

I am not Mark B. Weiss the millionaire developer. I spoke to Mark B. Weiss the millionaire developer, and author while on tour, in Chicago. He happened to have a shingle hanging around the corner from my appointment, with a … Continue reading

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My message to neighbor Eric Rosenblum versus what his computer may have told him I said:

What I said: Hi Eric, Mark Weiss, 
I can’t resist. I didn’t see the meeting
 and I haven’t seen the tape, either, but 
The Post quotes you regarding the term “privatization” 
as it applies to Downtown North parking 
and I … Continue reading

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Two minute take on Lev Grossman on Mark Zuckerberg cover of Time, December 15, 2014

cover photo by Ian Allen “Wired Ambition” Facebook CEO MZ wants to put every person on earth online photo of MZ in Chandauli, India or a soundstage ala James Carrey movie Technology: The Man Who Wired The World: MZ’s crusade … Continue reading

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Wor(l)ds of wander with friend and former client Dao Strom

Writing this at 12:03 past midnight although it is lifted from something called 3AM Magazine dot com. Not really writing just cut-pasting: In the mountain town of Tam Dao, a man in the market points to the Chinese character tattoos … Continue reading

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Marine car wash Chicago 2009

She told me she had enlisted in the Marines and was shipping out in a few weeks and needed to make some extra cash for some special uniform or accessories or maybe body armor, so was holding a car wash … Continue reading

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Does the Vivian Maier movie “dargerize” the nanny?

(originally a draft of something I was to post on another wordpress site) I thought of Darger in relation to Maier, and found your blog. (Part Time Lion Timer by Gretchen Jacobsen aka Wilhemina Frame, on wordpress) A difference between Jessica … Continue reading

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