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Ants marching VS ants dancing

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Hopkins Struever “Painted Perfection” Wheelright Museum Santa Fe, New Mexico 2001 p 68: The insects holding hands illustrate a Hopi story of how ants got tiny waists. matthews circa 1994: Lights out we up and Die…mommy.

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Seven phases of the late Dario Fo

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Imagine a cross between Bertolt Brecht and Lenny Bruce and you may begin to have an idea of the scope of Fo’s anarchic art,” Mel Gussow wrote in The New York Times in 1983. Basing their art on the tradition … Continue reading

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Pinegrove ‘Marigold’ cover art VS kernels of the sun seen thru a telescope in HI, both reported in today’s The Times

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Thinking about Jeff Parker’s mother for 3 minutes on my 56th birthday while sitting in a diner trying to not hear monsters and men in the House system, awaiting corned beef hash and eggs, sipping coffee and NOT at the gym

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Or: Suite For Max Brown 2020 International Anthem Nonesuch VS “tell her that I miss our little talks” 2011

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My Dartmouth class had only 12 Asians

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Hh I usually introduce this as so: My friend and fellow editor ‘Ellen Glaser attended a conference; she came back and wrote an article which we publish at the daily Dartmouth;  it listed the estimate number of Jews at each … Continue reading

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Dubai propaganda tourism film with Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow (2019) VS Chevron oil 25th anniversary of Techron detergent additive, which was the subject of my freelance stint at Young & Rubicam at the outbreak of the Gulf War

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Radio Raheem VS Raheem extra terrestrial

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