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Let’s get BV with it

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Bang Bang Bang v Beng Beng Beng

bang bang bang is newspaper composition typsetter shop talk for a series of three punctuation marks, known as exclamation points, like this: !!! (you know what’s weird, but not to bore you: as i tried to type the three “bangs” … Continue reading

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Cormac Ryan, KZ Okpala, Ugonna Onkeywe, Kent Lockhart, Marvin Gaye, Marlinda Fitzgerald, Hans Delannoy, Mick Jagger, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Tom Brady, Lynn Swann, Barry Bonds, Pete Broberg, Dr. J and me

Dear (Friend of mine, former Sports Editor of The D, Sports Ilustrated Summer Reporter, UPI baseball stats desk jockey, of counsel to Office of Commish and basketball nut): (Re Cormac Ryan, Stanford’s new #23, from Milton Academy and Collegiate of … Continue reading

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Rollie Fingers v Gregg Rolie’s fingers

Rollie Fingers, Hall of Fame Oakland A’s reliever I saw play in his prime and thought of just yesterday when the current HOFs including the fairly mediocre former Stanford hurler Mike Mussina were announced. I was originally going to write … Continue reading

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A brief memoir regarding Jonah Mekas, 1922-2019

photo of New York Times, Thursday, January 24, 2019; p. A24; Screen capture or cut-and-paste of copy of note sent to Eden Arielle Gordon in New York, regarding Mekas, “Pull My Daisy” and “New American Cinema”, July 24, 2019 — … Continue reading

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Bartles and Jaymes drink their own Kool-Aid, and die…or do they?

  I’ll have what she’s alive. save my wife or Nachmanoff? i watched our children die, I mean I watched an hour of this movie then died.

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