Would that it were: the Olympics of shaggy dog stories

Hi, Cammie.
I’m a Dartmouth ’86 and former sportswriter digressing from something else to send you a quick greeting. (I’m researching the Palo Altan Rink Babka, a discus athlete from 1960 Rome and a painter, apparently — he’s in a collection that you are also in, in Florida, Mrs. Oerter??)
I’m actually researching a man named Harley Schaeffer from Palo Alto whose dad I just met and claims his son suicided because of head injury CTE caused by football. (Weird how the internet sends us down these rabbit holes — or cool).
When I was at Dartmouth I interviewed the 3 schoolmates who competed in Sarajevo: Dennis McGrane ’84 the jumper; Tiger Shaw ’85 downhill racer; and Glen Eberle ’85 the biathlon who was also the most articulate and gave me a pair of Volkl that he skiied down the staris at Mid Mass he said. Also, I lived with Peter Gallenz at Richardson one term and recall him taking his pulse each a.m. and logging it — shooting with a pulse, Morty called it. Peter you may have heard was inducted into Wearers Of The Green although never an Olympian as a competitor he coached ladies biathlon there and made a national team.
Also, and excuse the digression, we have a lady here in Palo Alto named Joanne Reid who competed in biathlon at recent games — its remarkable a Cali Athlete could do that. (Also, come to think of it, and you must know him, Gunn High of Palo Alto did produce a luger — Brian Martin, I’m forgetting his name perhaps). Ms. Reid is actually daughter of Beth Heiden if that explains it. She was a good but not great cross country runner here then won NCAA nordic for Colorado then biathlon — all despite dealing with atrial fib — she describes on her website blog.
I like your colleague at the NYU law I’ve name-checked in my blog Plastic Alto, is it Teachout? The one shaking up the Dems. (And I don’t mean Senator Gillibrand who of cousre on campus was known as Tina Tunick* or something) zephyr
Anyways I always say the two greatest privileges of my life were attending Dartmouth and the public schools here in Palo Alto, for me Gunn High.
If you link me a photo I would write about you or it for my blog. I work in the arts. My wife Terry acebo Davis is an artist and former arts commissioner here. We collect photography. I almost bit on a Harry Callahan I saw in Monterrey last week at Easton Gallery, about Chicago 1953 where my parents and I were born, but it was $22K.
You make us Big Green chubbers and tenderfoots proud.
Mark Weiss
Plastic Alto blog
class of 1986 Dartmouth
classs of 1982 Gunn
learned to downhill at Dartmouth golf course
never luged but did try to co-pilot a canoe down golf course part of Carnival I guess
shot a rifle with blanks at Alumni Gym range as part of P.E. course in biathlon
* didn’t know her but knew Dana Beard ’88 who traveled with future senator to China; I did know way back then Michael McFaul Stanford ’85 who went to High School with Ellen ’85 Dartmouth back in Montana who come to think of it launched me and my friends in the canoe race i mentioned above and maybe that was last time I spoke to her! McFaul dated a high school friend his freshman year and we all went to a rock concert together.
edit to add, moments later although TMW is bemoaning my early morning key-stroking:
Ellen Jennings ’85, knew McFaul perhaps from Debate if not high school per se, married and three kids in Cleveland: but I believe I did give regards to her from McFaul seconds before me, Brian Gaul, Bill Wright and one or two others went hurtling down a snow-covered golf course hill in an aluminum or wooden canoe, in 1984 or so. Quickly went sideways, of course. Or off course. 😉

About markweiss86

Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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