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Our 1-in-10000 shot at The White House

Alison Cormack, a former Google stalwart and Palo Alto soccer mom, is first-time candidate for public office and, when pressed, a self-described one in ten thousand chance at being the first woman to pot us. She actually said it was … Continue reading

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Before there was ‘fake news’ there was Stew, The Negro Problem and ‘Birdcage’

But what does Robert Hilburn know about rock and roll? (And for whatever reason I am hearing Stew all the time last couple of days and even leaving bad renditions of falsetto la-la’s on voice mail of poor innocents…which reminds … Continue reading

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The post remains the same (5 – center)

1. point(David Shields, I am thinking “Pete Maravich”) 2. shooting(faux Filseth, and I am thinking “Jerry West” and being generous or atoning) 3. small forward (Gervin, Ice man? 4. big / forward (“John Havlicek”? although it was about Cazzie Russell … Continue reading

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Good not goofy: portrait of the man as a young journalist, summer 1985

1. 2. 3. From the T&G: LEOMINSTER — A 34-year-old father of three from Leominster is the only suspect in Monday’s hit-and-run accident in which a teenager was seriously injured, police said this morning. The 16-year-old victim’s bicycle was dragged … Continue reading

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