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McNellis v Weiss, 2018: Ward v Rock Against Racism, 1989

(I was standing in the entry of Hotel President apartments and John McNellis walked by, with a colleague, at I stopped him for a selfie, reprising our stunt from 2014 when we bumped at Peets ie a few doors up … Continue reading

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Ed Marinero Talking Blues I mean Bruise

The supposition is that if I call Murry Bowden the developer, Hanover Industries, in Houston Texas and ask the receptionist “I’m a Dartmouth guy and I want to ask Murry Bowden about ‘Ed Marinero’” would she put me through, would … Continue reading

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I don’t wanna be your hero I just wanna fight like everyone else

Thank you,  Kerry Yarkin and one other, for diverting the cavalcade of trolls who attacked me on the Weekly’s site, under the back-handed article about entering the race. What Gennady Sheyner strangely leaves out is that I got nearly 6,000 … Continue reading

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Go Daddy Dorado!!

Grocery Outlet, Berkeley-based chain, actually controlled by a hedge fund, going public, I read, for $1 Billion dollars, we gave them an oversized sign on Alma. Go Daddy, a website, one of whose bigger investors is a six-billion dollar hedge … Continue reading

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