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Gaspar y yo

Steve Staiger, historian, greeted Jack Porterhouse, avid archivist and a whiz with a Fiskars — our version of Edward Scissorhands — and since I happened to be sharing a table with Jack, at Downtown Library — I hit up Steve … Continue reading

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Speak friend and enter

I hear Palantir has a new technology, call it a time-machine, with which it will be sending key employees back to 1974 to purchase homes in Palo Alto at the prices they deserve. A beta version of this over-shot considerably … Continue reading

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Moss Calls Grand Boulevard ‘Garbage’

Reporting live from Palo Alto Planning and Transportation meeting, a public hearing, sage and activist Bob Moss says, re “build to the line” proposal that the catch-word “Grand Boulevard” is “garbage”. If I get the chance I will get Bob … Continue reading

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I don’t wanna be your hero I just wanna fight like everyone else

Thank you, ¬†Kerry Yarkin and one other, for diverting the cavalcade of trolls who attacked me on the Weekly’s site, under the back-handed article about entering the race. What Gennady Sheyner strangely leaves out is that I got nearly 6,000 … Continue reading

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Oh, Donna

I posted on Gennady Sheyner ¬†(“Candidate Season opens”) that any fewer than 10 candidates for five seats for Palo Alto City Council would mean that Palo Alto has thrown in the towel on Democracy. The period to pull papers, he … Continue reading

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Congrats to Phil Hellmuth Palo Alto poker champ

edit to add, two days and two views later: a When I called my friend Steve Cohen in LA to spread the news on Matt Cain’s perfect game, he said “not only that, but Phil Hellmuth won his record-setting twelfth … Continue reading

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