John Zorn ‘Naked City’ vs Or Bareket ‘Sahar’


This is from 1993 and featured John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Joey Baron, Wayne Horvitz; I had never seen it until 10 minutes ago; I admit I had it confused with “Spy VS Spy” which I borrowed from the library once, but does not feature Wayne Horvitz. I am thinking of this because Wayne is coming here in three weeks, with Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon; very different then his younger, New York days. Yet because I added twenty other musicians and several other genres, it came to mind (in the liner notes to Spy VS Spy, it lists about 50 influences including film noir and Ornette Coleman).


I do not know much about the screaming Japanese fellow.

Meanwhile, back in the current times, albeit a few days ago now, mONday, we had Or Bareket, who has a new album coming out next month – like in the twilight between his Palo Alto appearance and Wayne’s Palo Alto show, called “Sahar”.  Is that a reference to Africa or the desert? Or to something deeper that informs both Or’s music and the naming of the large open space?

I was impressed by the young band featuring Or Bareket, bass, composition and band leadership; Tivon Pennicott, who played tenor sax — he is not on the recording but learned the work quickly, and we used a music stand donated by Brian who hangs out at the plaza a lot and does various creative things himself; not many people get a music credit or are mentioned in a concert review just for having a music stand in his trunk; Tivon also plays with Gregory Porter including perhaps such a show this week in Belgium; Savannah Harris on drums who also ran the table after the show, with a post game feast at Reposado then in the back room of the Wine Room here on Ramona — the former Gaylord’s Ice Cream Parlor or Double Rainbow, perhaps. Excuse the digression but Hershel Yatovitz told me that in 1983 he was a janitor by day sweeping up at the nursery school at the church behind the Varsity, then he’d play all night for tips at that same place, the ice cream parlor, maybe within 10 feet of where Savannah, Terry and I were sitting and sipping, then would go to the alley behind the Varsity and get high with Michael Hedges, who typically held court in the courtyard of The Varsity; he said his fingers bled, then he got very sick and tired but emerged as a musician — people don’t realize the difficulty of just becoming world class I mean working class — or that “World class” and “working class” are about the same in the arts in Late Capital America. Jeremy Corren on keyboards – -who said he too, like H and I is a Jew, but also a Mexican; From LA, son of two physicians and went to Columbia. Great young band, maybe the youngest I’ve worked with. I mean, I booked Taylor Eigsti when he was 15, but I was 35. Now I am 58, and these band members are like 28, 29, et cetera. (Although, despite making that pronouncement, i worked with Carmen Rothwell in the Dave Douglas band, Engage, and I don’t think she’s much older, though Dave is.

Are you following this?

Savannah also plays with Melanie Charles, who came thru SF but I missed it. I met her manager Charyn Harris, no relation to Savannah Harris, who is also Macy Gray’s tour manager. Charyn Harris is first cousin of Eugene S. Robinson, who sings like the guy above, the Japanes guy. Also, Japanese Breakfast is on the cover of Pollstar, I’m about to read. So is Remi Wolf. Big world, big ears, stay tuned.

Savannah Harris of Oakland and New York, drums; Or Bareket of Israel and New York, bass; Jeremy Corren, of LA and New York, keys — at Lytton Plaza, April 18, 2022 by Earthwise

Tivon Pennicott of Jamaica, Atlanta, Miami and New York; he told Terry Acebo Davis my wife that he slept in his car in NYC until his gigs caught up to his vision and talent


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