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Report on World Music Day at Lytton Plaza by Earthwise

My “world music day” by Earthwise event at Lytton Plaza on Saturday 6/25/22 went like this: Sylvie Simmons (London/SF) solo ukelele (which is from Hawaii) and voice; originals plus a David Bowie cover, but not “1984” even though it was … Continue reading

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We are the world

Gertrude Stein said I write for myself and strangers. As I sit the world around me is increasing, approaching 9 billion souls and bodies. I am actually South County today, so we are more like 2 million not the 60,000 … Continue reading

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Garage Mahal w. Garage Mahal w. donkey poop news

Local band garage Mahal I was likely the only one expecting to see Fareed Haque at the Father’s Day street music festival (“World Music Day”). Nothing against cute local kids rocking out. This is from June, two months ago, but … Continue reading

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