Elizabeth Holmes portrait by Jenny Hueston in 12/15/14 The New Yorker

I shot this woman at Peets six months ago, desperately seeking Elizabeth Holmes

I shot this woman at Peets six months ago, desperately seeking Elizabeth Holmes

I conducted a mock interview by voice mail with New York based photographer Jenny Hueston. I wanted to know if, like David Choe and Facebook, she was given a choice of either her day rate in cash or Theranos stock. Also, why black and white and not color? I also asked for permission to re-publish one of her songwriter portraits here about at Plasty. Also, I mentioned that I had published two photos of people I guessed or hoped were Elizabeth Holmes, who dropped out of Stanford, with her endowed professor, to start a $9 B company. (Article is by Ken Auletta, but I grapped it from someone’s recycling because of the cover by Ivan Brunetti, who I met at The Farm — I’d like to see his portrait of Holmes).
ripped from New Yorker

ripped from New Yorker

A bartender at Lure and Till, I asked if she was Elizabeth. And her response was “I’m not 30!”.

I also, to Jenny’s voice mail (or Jenny’s assistant’s) related anecdote about PAHA wanting to run my photo of Gwen Stefani. Somewhere in my archive is a two-shot of me and Jorjee Douglass, who told me that Gwen stole the look from her. Jorjee’s name popped up recently in credits, for makeup, I think for “Broad City” which also featured music editing by Clint Bennett, who also played in The Cubberley Sessions.

I shot Maya Ford of the Donnas tending, like Voltaire, her garden. I was fixing on her tattoos, a menagerie.

I also was pleased to here three bands being covered by Stanford Band at ladies hoops, that I had booked: Cake (“Long Shirt”), Squirrel Nut Zippers (“H-E-L-L”) and Blink 182 (“The First Part”).

I shot a sequence of the little redhead girl, a Dolly.

I shot Tara. After the game, I said “Great game, Coach!” and she turned and thanked. I also said “Put in Payne” and the former Candolet star pumped her first in response. She later did get in, and hit her shot. I liked point guard from Texas Lili (Lee-Lee) Thompson, who produced an elaborate handshake for video, and even texted Aleta Hayes of the arts department to check her out. Aleta told me what a pleasure it was to create dance on Richard Sherman, for instance. (I also hit her about Doug Baldwin potty-pants pantomime, no response).

Lili Thompson #1

Lili Thompson #1

Matt Gonzalez is at Chandler Dolby Chadwick or what-not, with a par-tay on March 5 (which might also be the party for Raina Matar at Cantor. I told a French-German grad student with a book “IRAQ” that I mistook at Peet’s for “KING” about the show. It did get a tiny preview in the Chron, and a gossip from Janet Duca of News about the gala. Different party. This is a true non sequester but Janet Duca of The Daily News is the one who wrote about Eve Ensler but could not mention “vagina”; which became almost relevant when Phil Winston of Paly High was fired for saying “Don’t you want to hear about ‘vagina'”? I’m also looking to David Denby of the same The New Yorker about “Selma” and “American Sniper”. I hate liars, or high end liars. I think of Elizabeth Holmes story as counter-narrative to the New York Times p-1 on Stanford 20 years.

Thanks, Elizabeth Holmes, all three of you, for sitting for me. Fido, sit. Fido, guzzle. Fido, sit, no muzzle (I wrote that one, too).

edit to add: Here is Jenny Hueston shot of Cullen Omori of Chicago, whose now defunct band is The Smith Westerns. Rang a vague bell. I actually thought it was a dude looks like a lady. I was thinking June Omura of Mark Morris Dance. I wonder if Jenny Hueston shot the Gap ad he is talking about:

You guys did have that huge Gap ad though.

I forgot about that! Here was the thing with Gap: We’d done some modeling stuff from time to time, and I think now there’s this idea that you can’t really sell out in music anymore. ‘Cause you go anywhere and it’s sponsored by like a vodka company and Ray-Bans. Shit like that. At the other end, those kinds of things, like the Gap thing, while it could be perceived as lame, funded our music. It helped me continue making music. So in that way it’s awesome. It helps.

Also: Noah Metz, Northwestern ’09 — did he know or hear them. Also: Noam Shemtov, gap year —!! — Northwestern ’19. Also: my namesake Morton Weiss is a U Chicago ’19!!!! And a Blackfriar.

dude looks like my grandpa

dude looks like my grandpa

and1: here is link to Jenny Hueston website, which includes contact info. Hueston dot com domain is controlled by my Dartmouth classmate the former prosecutor (e.g., of Enron) John Hueston.

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