the theme of my life is blank

Terry and I went to a lecture and screening tonight on campus hosted by Penny Lane.
Terry asked a question. I enjoyed the presentation and was suitably impressed although nodded off a few times.
Penny has made or is making films on Richard Nixon, craigslist, a madam and a dude who developed an early cure for impotence in the form of transplanting a goat’s nut, not to be confused with the boy with the baboon’s heart, which is a Paul Simon lyric I think.
There was something about space and Carl Sagan and the time capsule –how hopeful — but my mind bounced to the fact that David Thompson yesterday in SF hosted a screening of The Third Man, which includes the famous little speech about how from up high people look like little dots and how many of them would you sacrifice if the money was right, tax free — Graham Greene probably says it better.
I think I suffer from errolmorrisitis in that every since seeing fast cheap and out of control I try to discuss three things simultaneously mostly to confuse and I think I am being clever. Miss Lane that’s her reel name could make a film about birds called fast chirp and out of control.
RIYL: astra taylor, craig baldwin, christian marclay at Cantor quartet, negativland, anthology film archive, vassar college, hampshire college and my old friend my fellow dartmouthian the rhodes scholar and psych prof Joanna Morris, John Mhiripiri, his Israeli friend now at Stanford, brooklyn, the radiohead song about losing weight, stephen hawking, almost famous, the beatles, guinea pigs. Penny Lane, from Troy, New York, made a film about Mame Faye, the madam, “Sittin on Millions”.
Here is her page on vimeo,  what is archival.


Or as blank said “News, news news news has a certain blank”

edit to add: Christy McAuliffe died on January 28, 1986 I will never forget; I was in Campion’s on Main in Hanover, New Hampshire when I heard the news.

edit to add, two minutes later: Alice Goodman said “news, news, news, news has a has a has a kind of mystery.” The accordion on track number one is Forere Motioblank. Jon Parales this reminds me of the Times had a plug for “Roots of Drone” cd. Forere Motiohelea, South African musician. Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes but with the stupid search engines, I am all over the map. Yet cannot help but add here that New York Times Sunday magazine had a cover story labeled “Burden of Dreams” about a football player with slim hopes of making NFL (although in the interior the actual article had a different title).

“Fast Cheap and Out of Control” simultaneously tells the stories of a lion tamer, a topiary gardener, an MIT scientist and an expert on mole rats. The title actually refers to not a prolific and cost-effective young filmmaker like our Miss Lane but the concept of sending a bunch of small robots to Mars instead of one big one. Resisted snapping a bad cell photo but Terry and I each snagged a poster for the event which shows RMN apropos of PL’s upcoming film which utilizes home movies shot by Bob Haldeman circa 1970, I think. “R. Nixon” or “Our Nixon”. My title above is listed from this Penny Lane short but here also is a subtle shout out to my favorite Berkeley-based filmmaker and musicologist.

I should really go to sleep — he of the nodding off in first paragraph — and not edit to add for tenth or eleventh time gratuitously to think about Holly Million and or her husband or his film about London, Jack London.

Lifted, that is. The title is lifted, albeit listlessly from Penny Lane’s cool little film about how to write an autobiography.

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