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Whizzer White admits he was also ‘Boofer’; Says Kavanaugh getting ‘Virtual Melvin’; Ubangis want equal time

Truth is stranger than fiction, peeps. and 1: the Melvins (note: I have no idea if the Melvins’ “Honey bucket” has explicity lyrics. I just knoe the Melvins are cool. Where I came from, a “melvin” was a result of … Continue reading

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The Boob Tube: 1) what is ‘Maniac’? 2) what is ‘Netflicks’? & 3) whose ‘Dick’ did Georgetown prep?

I’ve never even seen Gsme of Thornes but tore a clip from the times about the real life town in Croatia being over run by tourists ( see also Mark Twain, Yankee in King Artur Ct). — also Hawking disproof … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh confirmation process: ‘no’ means yes,‘yes’ means anal

“The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties with our female guests, we did” (wink) Ramis wrote, in 1976, while Kavanaugh was in the sixth grade, although calendars presented by his spin … Continue reading

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