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Twin Ali Conjecture

Alison Miller is a jazz drummer from Washington DC and West Orange New Jersey And a mathematician from Princeton and Harvard.

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Ali on the Seth

I like when Seth Meyers calls Ted Cruz a big toe. That makes Beto O’Rorke my pinky. And: other Ali I should rename this “Ali, Ali, Apple”:

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It was 20 mins ago today

w I’m working on, scraping only above the incredibly high bar that is plastic alto, something about logrolling or coincidences and the fact that the second musician mentioned in today’s Merck in the eye by Andrew Gilbert former jazz bakery … Continue reading

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Our 1-in-10000 shot at The White House

Alison Cormack, a former Google stalwart and Palo Alto soccer mom, is first-time candidate for public office and, when pressed, a self-described one in ten thousand chance at being the first woman to pot us. She actually said it was … Continue reading

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