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Penny BAKER, get it?

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Hey, Jay, nice to see you. That guy David is the one who turned me on or out as a Dead head, we recalled that I bought his NYE tix in 1989. Question: what is that random but lovely photo of drummer Ali Miller, you file and tag as ‘corporate’ – is she the poster child for the Jazz School or something? Is it okay i.e. fair use that I randomly run it on my blog next to the color version of Bob Dylan by Tony Frank: I tag the photo ali jay bob which sounds like a Kevin Smith character

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Bob Dylan, the vote, Will Bernard, Sony Holland singing the music of Linda Ronstadt

  Just now, taking the dog out, I noticed todays mail. It included a single balcony reserved seat ticket to a Bob Dylan concert upcoming in Oakland Friday June 11, in about a month and a notice for a polling … Continue reading

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I’ll be sitting by myself in the balcony of the Fox Theatre to see Bob Dylan in Oakland in about six weeks (after about eight shows of my own)

I’m medium cool on Bob Dylan but bought a ticket just on principle. There are VIP seats for $400 each – -and I bought some very expensive tickets to see Counting Crows in Saratoga – -I like the ring to … Continue reading

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Top Hat and The Thin Man

I saw two women making music at Lytton Plaza on July 14, 2018 and thought they were great. I call them Top Hat and The Thin Man because I was on my way to watch some Fred Astaire movies at … Continue reading

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Biography of 3 artists/personae: Bob Dylan, David Hockney, Steve Cohen

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Nina n me

I said to the rock, please hide me. Lord. I’ve been listening to Nina Simone, a cd I bought at of all places S_(national chain, coffee, and music, — Don MacKinnon — Plastic Alto don’t play brand name), called “How … Continue reading

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I love you, Lou Renza: or, The Sun Also Rises, my friend

http://www.amazon.com/The-Also-Rises-Ernest-Hemingway/dp/0743297334 I am with Mark Michael, or this version of him, above, in that I am concerned with process, perhaps more than what the outcome is. In that context I would say that 75 to 100 people at the Elks … Continue reading

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How can the life of such a man be in the palm of some fools hand? (Rubin Carter 1937-2014)

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Coming attraction: Shipp of shuls

On one hand I was working on a piece about the local Jewish congregation and it’s Bob Dylan-based Shabbat service. On the other hand, I had interviewed jazz pianist Matthew Shipp about his new album. So why not combine the … Continue reading

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