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Breakfast with Delores

This is actually about a doomed tree at the corner of Emerson and Hamilton in Palo Alto in front of what used to be Nathan Oliveira’s downtown studio. But it starts with a Videos from Prince’s self-marketed album called “Chaos…” … Continue reading

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Hey, you 16 developers, what else can we do for you?

and remind me, How much did we pay the consultant to help us help you?   edit to add, it’s only 9:12 actually: 1)  lobbyist  Duffy Daugherty  hopes the city will throw him a bone. 2.  He’s not leadership, he’s … Continue reading

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Artist stands down right wing provocateurs: killing it softly with her song

Strolling campus with Stanford alum Steve and Eric: Cohen today I picked up the Stanford daily and found an interesting story that took me a while to translate into “real world.”  Are young rapper and activist named Melinda Hernandez made … Continue reading

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‘we met in beirut’

actually, we’ve never met, although I think we attended Gunn High school overlapping — with 1,200 others — in 1981-1982. I did not know many freshman. The girl I dated — girl, woman, “judy” — had a kid sister (actually … Continue reading

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judy judy judy

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Dons cover versus visiting Big Green hoopsters

The University of San Francisco basketball Don’s led by two local lads one from Palma in Salinas a nifty point guard number one and one from a kid from Burlingame in Frenchy Fuqua or something Beat the visiting big green … Continue reading

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Harbaugh is dead

Backed with Edit to add: I was somewhat prophetic albeit crass in that Iowa State black eyed the Woofies to squelch Michigan’s final four aspirations. Such that, if I do attend the college championships in nearby Santa Clara next month … Continue reading

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Jack Black SOR ‘Roadrunner’ >> Modern Lovers>>Jonathan Richman>>Bo Diddley>> Tom Morello

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Protomartyr w Martin Sexton

Protomartyr is a band I never heard of until I stumbled into Ben Winant’s Tunnel records at Taraval at 44th just yesterday while getting my saxophone serviced by Lee Kramka at 27th and Taraval. They have a rare single on … Continue reading

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Roswell Rudd w Roswell rug

It says “Roswell rug” but it’s really a portrait of my dog Delphi at pace Gallery Palo Alto during a show last month featuring the minimalist art of Agnes Martin who lived in New Mexico but probably not in Roswell … Continue reading

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