Garaj Mahal, Palo Alto w Garaj Mahal, Cambridge

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    Sf jazz June 2018 my first time


  2. Garaj Mahal is a jazz/jam/world band featuring Fareed Haque and Kai Eckhardt guitar and bass that, for instance, played House of Blues Cambridge Massachusetts in 2000 the exact same night that my dear friend Dr. Brian Moore had his bachelor party — I don’t recall if we went in or just said hello to them loading in — we drank “Scorpion Bowls” and wandered around aimlessly quoting lines from “Good Will Hunting” and reminiscing about youthful forays as Dartmouth men into Smith, Holyoke and Skidmore if you get my drip. (And not to be confused with Cambridge Analytica who helped the Russkies steal our democracy and the duche bags at the corner of Kipling and Lytton who are called Stanford Anaylitica at least until their building is redeveloped. And not to be confused with Bart Boshears I think his name from Gonzaga I think the same school as the rival years later of Brett Kavanaugh and his rock band Capture the Flag)
  3. Garaj Mahal Palo Alto is a group of local emerging artists who may or may not be of the age of consent but likely have never heard or heard of Fareed Haque — who also has a kick ass version of CSN “So Far” on Blue Note Records my copy of which I donated to Hector and Helena Sol of Palo Alto Sol — but also did some great 1990s covers at Palo Alto World Music Day in year 10 which I and Claude Ezran –mostly Claude — created in 2009 which is also a Father’s Day Busking Street Fair but not featuring necessarily music by people or color or from south of equator or in Spanish, Portuguese or Boubecar Traore -if that’s a tongue. And yeah I’m likely the only person who raised up Uni Ave to try to say hello to Fareed Haque and or Kai Eckhardt only to be floor by the scene below: and please not I am a professional music manager and talent scout and impressario so have only the most above board intentions when I meet todays youth as compared with 1990s youth like Taylor Eigsti and Maya Ford both of who I was early backers of; and reminds that Joey Alexander the three-year-old (in terms of being discovered) piano from Indonesia has a Palo Alto tie in that Jason Olaine is his producer and Jana Herzenberger (pka Herzen) is his label and he is coming to SF Jazz — which reminds reminds — speaking of shaggy dog — that I started this post looking for the June 14 Flag Day concert photos I took of “Jules at 8” by Mark Becker now known as Julian Lage (age 30 or so) strictly because I want to publish my photo of the lobby mural upstaged at SFJazz which I just now — or 10 minutes back — here at Coupa — Mocha! Mocha! Mocha! — that’s worlds worst Ginsburg joke — which reminds I am both wearing a HOWL cap AND meeting later with a former Ginsburg archivist — but also idd I mention Sandow Birk ? — and MEGAN STEVENS of Los Angeles but painted a mural at a flower shop in Redwood City and is maybe friends with not my favorite person but I do admit she has some allure the candidate for PATC by name of Elaine Tang who I wrote about below, apropos of her weird yet compelling imitation of Mick Jagger circa Vietnam Era meaning Sticky Fingers and Let it Bleed last night at the 5 hour marathon of Democracy On The Come; Uang, the computer thinks she is tangy. I also want to say I confuse Sandow Birk and Mark Tanney I htink his name. The son of professor of art from San Jo who makes millions and is in the Anderson Collection. Also there is somethiing came cross transom (CCT) about Mario Ayalo I think his version of Robert Frost “mending wall” with mexican wrestling mask or Tarrentino gimp motif. What is the differnece between Tarrantino and Frost, these days? Also, a guy named Eddie at Coupa with both King Tut and Batman logo tats, which had me texting former Berkeley High footballer and Alpha Phi gumshoe dancer the Cochiti Cocker or Cooker Mateo Romero Rondo Bro Dont You Know to try to get the lead on the beadsman who I think of as Marcus Hanneman but not the soccer goalie. Which makes me think of
  4. jeff Parker and Sally Hemings, at Dartmouth by way of Wahoowa. Long story
  5. F79DBF46-945A-453D-9154-DB4EB0418016.jpegEdit to add: I met a lady named Rukma who sneezed saving dear readers from what like from saturns Head was to spill out next.
  6. And her is lady at yo la tenfold at Fillmore doing tree pose
  7. 95DD05F2-239A-4098-B6D1-7363EE709EAA.jpegAnd I : Apropos of the commissioner candidate and her muralist friend here is Sando Burke at the SF Jazz

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Mark Weiss, founder of Plastic Alto blog, is a concert promoter and artist manager in Palo Alto, as Earthwise Productions, with background as journalist, advertising copywriter, book store returns desk, college radio producer, city council and commissions candidate, high school basketball player; he also sang in local choir, and fronts an Allen Ginsberg tribute Beat Hotel Rm 32
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