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Sam Yates COPA the gift that keeps giving

Breena your story on Sam Yates is pretty disappointing. The central point is that Palo Alto unwisely withheld payment and closure for two years because someone put the idea out there that the artwork should include a data base useful … Continue reading

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“The Color of Palo Alto” as dueling videos, referencing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Pink Floyd/Oz and Errol Morris

The relative value of public art is debatable, but let’s keep in mind our budget here is about $50,000 of $150,000,000, or around a dollar per capita. While I generally hate corporate-creep into civic affairs, in this case I think … Continue reading

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47: The Color of Palo Alto by Sam Yates

I lived at 421 Pepper, across from Smith Andersen Gallery, and was frequently seen on or near bike. The day that Sam Yates arrived to shoot my house we chatted and I sat for a portrait, which he promised to send me some day. Continue reading

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