Edelman punt return on Monday Night Football

Patriot Julian Edelman, from nearby Redwood City, California, breaks open the NFL tilt with his electrifying punt return for a score.

This run by Julian Edelman, of the New England Patriots, a former Woodside High and CSM football hero, makes me wish I had done my recent smog check at Frank Edelman’s A-1 AutoTech in Mountain View and Redwood City.

Edelman is the brightest of eight former College of San Mateo Bulldog stars to have shone in the NFL.

I noticed that the wikipedia page already updated to include tonight’s heroics.

edit to add, three years later, and during pre-season football:


and in related matter: I have some photos of City College of San Francisco Junior College football workouts, at their stadium, from August, 2014, i.e. last week. I went in to the City for a client meeting, or potential client meeting — a former Ivy Athlete turned activist and artist — and stopped by the besieged school to see the famous Diego Rivera murals, at their theatre. That was closed, but I shot some footage and stills thru the window, to amusing effect and tantalizing. The school has a sign about national champions there, recent, post-WWII and during the O.J. Simpson year or years, I am pretty sure, plus a list of two former NFL/CCSF players, who paid for the billboard. Also, being not a sportswriter (perhaps not even in the Richard Ford sense, talk about something long in my que), I met: an Asian professor and activist, a British emigre visual artist, a Guarani / Honduran musician — drummer, likes Andy Palacio RIP; I am jonesing to go back to shoot the mural or see it, for real. Rivals the Orozco mural of our beloved Dartmouth.

I tagged this: Julian Edelman, O.J. Simpson, Andy Palacio, Diego Rivera, Nicholas Wade, Brian Moore. And Dartmouth

At this point, Edelman has 10 touchdowns and 179 receptions after 64 games. He is about my size, 5′ 10″ 198 lbs — as a Terman Tiger 8th grader flag football I was 5’8, 125 lbs receiver, although I lined up as tackle on running plays and was end on defense. Ok, I am lying, I am 6′ even (actually 5’11 3/4 barefoot) and 205 lbs give or take a couple stuffed bell peppers, Ruffles chips in Rancho dip, Macapunas ice cream from Rick’s Rather rich, an egg for $1.75 from Peet’s this a.m., a medium cappuccino usually with whole milk although today they defaulted to skim, a great lunch salad yesterday from Joanies on Cali, Caesar with chicken breast, a Coke — if I can swim 20 times between now and Election Day, November 4 I will feel at least alive. I rode my bike to campus, to Coupa, for another latte, in the a.m. This is more a foodie blog than a sports blog, Remar Sutton. Leave the gun, take the canoli.


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2 Responses to Edelman punt return on Monday Night Football

  1. Brian Moore, MD says:

    “In a decade, the only people who are still playing football will be African-Americans and working class people.” – Sociologist Harry Edwards

    • markweiss86 says:

      there are actually two letters to NY Times book review of 8/10/14 — I am falling behind — like the Niners versus Broncos — about genetics and sociology, based on a previous review. Well, it’s right here in front of me, the one with Patti Smith on Murakami cover — the reference is Nicholas Wade “A troublesome inheritance” including a Noah Rosenberg from here at Stanford.

      I met Harry Edwards briefly at San Jose Jazz a few years back and asked him about Vernon Davis, would he develop. My Zelig moment; what did I say today, Broadway Danny Rose meets someone even more obscure…

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