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Call me a homer but I’d rather see a Linda Perry biopic than Lada Gaga A Star Is Born

I saw a star is born mainly because it was in a brand new movie house near my home. I didn’t understand why Brad Cooper died – spoiler alert Dash except maybe the three or four previous incarnations of his … Continue reading

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Weiss campaign lands three endorsements

Mark Weiss for Palo Alto City Council, if you, dear reader, of Plastic Alto, permit me the indulgence of speaking of self in third person, although usually I claim this is sign of subject “jumbling the shark” or the presentation … Continue reading

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Pandora is evil, Linda is beautiful

Linda Perry, the song writer who penned Christina Aguilera’s hit tune ‘Beautiful,’ saw the song played more than 12 million times on Pandora during the first three months of the year. For that Perry earned $350. (Credit: Greg Sandoval/CNET) Read … Continue reading

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Stone Fox 3.0

In a pleasing departure from eavesdropping on would-be and wanna-be billionaires regaling each other about their latest rounds of venture funding, angel pitches and other circle-jerking, I watched a recent UC Santa Cruz honors grad named Chelsea Bell show her bikini samples to … Continue reading

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