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All that jazz

I don’t mean to sound snitty or disrespectful and in fact I am a donor for the first time in 50 years, and I bought three or four sets of tickets but as a former journalist—who in fact wrote about … Continue reading

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Granite Alto

Photo essay about Stanford Jazz Camp / Workshop / Series / Festival / #firshir Ivor Holloway is a Gunn graduate and fulltime staff year-round for Stanford Jazz Workshop and camps. I met him Saturday for the first time since October … Continue reading

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Twenty-seven jazz personae mentioned in Wednesday’s New York Times article by Ben Ratliff

I never worked with or saw live Paul Motian, who died this week. But I know that it meant a lot to Jenny Scheinman, for example, that she got to play with him. Also, Bill Frisell. A huge portion of the jazz music I listen to or follow follows from having met Bill and his managers Lee Townsend and Phyllis Oyama. I could not, for instance, distinguish by sound Motian’s play from that of say Elvin Jones or Jerry Granelli. The only other people on this list I have met are Ethan Iverson and Chris Potter. Continue reading

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